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  1. Justin Kantor
    Justin Kantor K2
    Can you delete my account? I sold my truck.
  2. sonic555u
    sonic555u darthyota
    Hello DARTHYOTA do you still have that APR Equal Lenght Y pipe for sale let me know.
  3. jaymz442
    any shows in calif
  4. captainkimhawk
    captainkimhawk K2
    Would you take $500 for sway bars?
    1. K2
      Sorry, they are already sold. $650 shipped
      Dec 21, 2020
  5. hapamulan
    hapamulan K2
    Hi, I'm newer here but can't seem to figure out how to pm you about your coils.
    1. K2
      Sent you a PM
      Dec 11, 2020
  6. Seamless
    Seamless K2
    Hey there. Would you be willing to ship the front coils and sways to FL? My truck is on the come-up mod wise and I def need the front coils but wouldnt mind getting all of it if we can work a deal. Thanks!
    1. K2
      Sent you a PM
      Dec 11, 2020
  7. throwinsparksatu
    throwinsparksatu MaK10-XRnR
    Who makes the 3 inch steel drop , and how would you get a set
  8. importedfromscotland
    In the middle of DFW
  9. Jx13
    Looking for new X-runner
  10. FLgator
    Can I get the discount code again?
  11. ChasinCloudz
    Why is everything I want either too expensive or discontinued?
  12. FLgator
    Could I get the discount code for the X-Fest Home2 Suites? I will be driving up from FL, just don't know which XR we will bring. I have a (Gator) Blue 08 (Stock for now) but my son has a black 12'.w/turbo.
      bring them both!!!
      Aug 19, 2020
  13. WoodyWood
    WoodyWood flipboikev
    Please let me know asap as my master is going out and I dont want to give Gilberto Rivera my money after all his excuses and flaking on me. Thanks. I even signed up for this site finally just to hit you up and hopefully send my hard earned money your way since you seem way more professional than Performance Brakes Unlimited. Thanks. You're also way closer to me here in San Jose CA
  14. WoodyWood
    WoodyWood flipboikev
    He still hasnt gotten back to my calls and texts about putting a kit together without calipers or what lines he uses so I'm hoping that you can make brackets still.. YOurs look even better than the pics of his on his site and so as long as yours clear the stock 18s without grinding hopefullly (because I'm ordering new toyota brand red ones and would rather not have to grind them.
  15. WoodyWood
    WoodyWood flipboikev
    I just ordered the kit and prayed that I wont have clearance issues and then bitch at him for not returning my emails or questions about the kit. I finally had to cancel my kit because he only uses auto zone rebuilt parts that require a core on the tundra master (that I wont have after swapping it out for my tacoma one obviously).
  16. WoodyWood
    WoodyWood flipboikev
    on the cost of painting them which I expressly wanted done to mine and he doesnt even answer my 5 other questions about clearance and fit and options but since my master is going out asap and they dont respond even after sending them $1700!
  17. WoodyWood
    WoodyWood flipboikev
    Are the ones you made any better than the ones gilberto RIvera supposedly makes and sells at Performance Brakes Unlimited? Hes been not responding to my emails or texts and wont answer my questions for anything short of when I send him a ton of money after ordering a kit and then it was like pulling teeth to hear back
  18. WoodyWood
    WoodyWood flipboikev
    Hey bud, Did you ever get tundra caliper bat brackets made to run ISF 360mm rotors and 07 and up tundra 4 piston calipers on our gen 2s? Do you still have more or can you make more? How much and how long will they take?
  19. slolow1
    slolow1 LAzevedo
    yo i'm new here we should do a cali meet.
  20. slolow1
    slolow1 alexxwing
    yo Im new here. We should do a cali meet.
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