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Aug 18, 2012
    1. CosmosX_az
      dude,,, where you been man,,, get in touch with us man, it'd be cool to hang out at a meet or somethin
    2. SSSXR
      hey man i love those rx-8 rims you have. I found the link to thread you made about them ( but the pics aren't working anymore. are those adapters needed? I live in Canada and have no idea where i would get someone to make them for me. can i get away with just spacers? any info would be appreciatted.
    3. AnthonyF
      can u give me a call real fast. I just need to know how to yank the dash. I have it all apart. I didnt know if the top pieces were REALLY strong clips or special screws somewhere. 7066547774, please call if ya can. Thank you.

    4. AnthonyF
      Do you have any pictures of your truck with the painted interior? What products did you use to do this? I saw one pic posted by steven, LOOKS SO SEXY!

    5. speckdzl4shzl
      hey man. im researching how i can mount the xrunner x brace on my reg cab like you did. all your pics are gone and stuff. mind emailing me any? any advice would be sweet too. thanks.

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