Complete Idler Pulley Replacement

Discussion in 'F/I Mods & Tuning' started by Superloki24, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. Superloki24

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    Oct 24, 2009
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    So this past weekend I replaced all the idler pulleys and both tensioners on the X. It was a total of 7 idler pulleys and 2 tensioners. Not all of them were bad but all the accessory pulleys and two of the S/C idlers were toast. I think it was a combination of the truck being up on jack stands for 3.5 months this summer and the fact that the engine idlers have 136,000kms on them and the S/C idlers have probably about 100,000kms on them.(S/C was used when I bought it).

    I got the Gates engine idler assembly and I had to buy the S/C ones from Magnuson (through Superchargers Online). It was rather pricey to replace all of them but I didn't really have the option of taking them off and pressing the old bearings out to get new ones pressed in (kinda hard to ride a motorcycle to work in the winter in Canada). I'm going to keep the old ones and do exactly that, press out the bearings and put new ones in.

    For those that want to change the engine accessory tensioner, it will probably take you about 5 hrs to do it. You have to take the alternator and A/C pump off to get to it. I'm glad that I changed them when I did though, the bottom ribbed S/C pulley was really messed up and was close to either seizing up or blowing apart.

    Has anybody else replaced the S/C idler pulleys?
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    I have pressed new bearings into mine. Once I took one off and got the part number off it I looked on eBay and purchased several Koyo brand replacements. I did not feel the need to upgrade to ceramic bearing that some of the forum members have used.

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    I have also learned over time that these bearing can be serviced. The seal can be popped out by gently prying with a dental like pry tool and then packing the bearings with fresh grease. This might extend the service life if the wear isn't too severe .I have seen these come brand new with very little grease inside them. I always check the new ones now.

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