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By o0opackersfano0o on Apr 5, 2018 at 2:37 PM
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    just wanted to start a post to see how many people are on xru. The site is not as active as it use to be and we need to get it going. Please post if your on here once a day or every other day and what you have. I no there’s tons of trucks on here but a lot have sold. Post a pic of ur truck and where your from. And mods if you want. And let’s make xru great again!!
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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Discussions' started by o0opackersfano0o, Apr 5, 2018.

    1. markgt531
      i bounce from one forum to another every now and then to see what new and whats for sale, mods, events etc.

      2005 NJ/PA
      - 113k
      - Bmw light gray (done by previous owner) original color BSP
      - BHLM, bulb shield delete
      - Yellow fog tints/ bulbs
      - HIDs
      - Previously equipped air suspension, currently on DJM 3/3 no notch
      - Qa1 rear shocks
      - URD trac bar
      - 19X10 RPF1
      - URD SS
      - Bed cover (dont recall the brand)
      - Recessed grill
      - Trex eye lids
      - Kenwood KSC SW11 powered sub (under seat)
      - Aero turbine exhaust
      - TRD seat covers
      - Black carpet
      - Black interior (except roof)

      waiting for install
      - URD sc, --- in the closet waiting for parts
      - sparco seat
      - AFE Y-pipe

      2006 used daily (sold as of april 2018)
      - 260k
      - DJM 3/4, then went 3" blocks
      - Blacked head light housing
      - QA1 shocks
      - HIDs
      - Yellow fog tint/ bulbs
      - URD SS
      - Kenwood KSC SW11 powered sub (under seat)
      - TRD seat covers
      - Aero turbine exhaust
      - Enkei RZ-5 wheels
      - Tail gate ez down shocks
      - Dash cam mounted on rear view mirror
      - Black carpet
      - Black interior (except roof)
      - K&N intake
      2005 / 2006
      back When there were 2 of them
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    2. Brblkrunner
      2009 x wt 197k, original everything (even clutch), bazooka 12, and pioneer head, had it 6 years

      2012 x wt 24k, all original, had it 4 months.
      Clean carfax on both.
      Come here to get advice (mayb once a month) and luv to see other X's
      Louisiana (aaaahhheee)
      Not much of a mechanic, and don't trust just anybody wt my X's but if another member is close by me I may consider sum mods??? Hit me up.
      Wz gona sell the 2009, keeping both now!

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    3. o0opackersfano0o
      @NHXRUNNER see this is what I told you to do. Just buy another one.
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    4. Brblkrunner
    5. Slywhitty
      Hamilton eh?? Burlington here!!
    6. Obsesiv1
      Sorry, just saw this. I will try to remember. Never sounds the same in person though!
    7. gunner76137
      2007 Radiant Red
      URD SS
      URD Throw out bearing
      DT long tube headers
      Jardin catback
      Pioneer DVD head unit
      Custom sub box
      12 in Kenwood sub
      450 watt Boston Acoustic amp
      Kicker 6 1/2’s
      Kicker 6x9’s
      7 color underbody lights
      Xstag tri-fold toneau
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    8. rjbiii
      Just joined im on Tacoma world everyday, but have been looking for something more performance based.

      Im about to supercharge my 2013 6spd 4x4 double cab in about a month. Cant wait to partake in the boost life
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    9. Hawaiis Ribbon X
      Hawaiis Ribbon X
      Your truck sounds super sick man! Love that sound!
    10. RatfinkX
      Embarrassing as this is I just saw this thread. 05 bsp in Saint Louis MO. I used to be good about poping on once a day at least. Started wanting to spend too much money and had to take a break
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    11. rjbiii
      My 2013 dcsb 4wd 6spd manual
      Located in Central Texas

      Magnuson s/c
      UCON EMS w/ 170 degree thermostat
      URD stage III clutch
      Lightweight flywheel
      Walbro 255 fuel pump
      Pulleyboys 2.8" qwikchange pulley

      SOS Performance 2/3.5" drop kit (still need to install the front)
      Wet okole seat covers
      Trd pro grille
      TRD Shift knob
      OEM all weather flooring
      Fog light anytime mod
      AVS bug deflector & in channel rain deflectors
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    12. 2008 Toyota xrunner
      2008 Toyota xrunner
      Oahu HI.
      2008 BSP
      I go on once a week.
      SS drop, qa1, taco beef blocks, s2k antenna, tint all windows+front, revolution cover, Toyota rear wing, GREEN Xbrace, bhlm, flm, green HID fogs, led in and out, mini morimoto projectors, mx grill top and bottom, urd tcai, 6 bulb stl strobe kit, alt blinkers, Nst pulleys alt crank, w/p, subbin custom box, 10" jl w3, 600x alpine amp, window visors, wet okoles, painted BSP window control &a/c vents panels, white&green led gauge mod, Trd SS w/8" coupe mod and custom coupe shifter ball, dtlt, deleted cat y-pipe, mk2 exhaust, urd y-pipe, ucon, urd fuel pump 255, urd lighten fly wheel, Stage 2 Clutch

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    13. hypertaco
      Sup y'all, I don't get on here near as often as I should. When I had my 2006 I was on here more, but didn't have money for mods back then.
      Got my X in late March of this year from Florda. I live in Garner, NC
      2012, Nautical Blue X, 19x10.5 ES9's, TRD Pro Grill insert, Truxedo Bed Cover, JBA exhaust, K&N intake, Kenwood DNX9980HD touchscreen, TRD short shifter, tinted windows, qa1 adjustable shocks in rear, 2 inch blocks in rear(hoping to swap those for leafs) and cut springs in the front, hoping to swap that with XII lowering springs soon.
      Wants: front/rear sway bars,lowering leafs,lowering springs,S/C,performance clutch,long tube headers,trutrac lsd

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    14. rjbiii
      Welcome back! Sounds like a good list youve got going for mods
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    15. LilRed

      Hey everyone! I do not get on here as much as I'd like but still like to check in once in a while. I had an 05 XR (was Radiant Red) until I bought this one ('08) from another XRU member who I met at a meet in Daytona. I am originally from Destin, FL then lived in Orlando for a bit and I am now in Atlanta. I'm relativity activity in the car meets around the area.

      TRD supercharger w. URD 2.85 pulley/TRD CAI/TRD SS/URD Y pipe and exhaust/APR X-1 tuned by TMS/Tundra Brake Booster&Master Cylinder/RetroFit Headlights/XII suspension (lowered)/All maintenance done by me with 170k on the Odometer (I know it's not a mod... but still proud of this)
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    16. hypertaco
      thanks man, so glad to be behind the wheel of a X again, even though I only drive it on the weekends :)
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    17. na-mr2
      06 swb, 60k currently installed afe cold, afe catback, 18x9.5 gramlights, qa1s, urd short shifter with recent coupe mod, full headlight retrofit with projector fogs, tundra bbk
      To be installed:
      Thorley long tube, urd y pipe, 1” blocks (currently on 2”), intake manifold with 76mm tb and spacer, intake manifold spacer, ucon (still need components), urd trac bar, 19x9.5/10.5 weddsports, full sound system (components, coax, sub and amps). Waiting on group buy sway bars, sos performance sequoia master cylinder upgrade

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    18. Chris Griteman
      Chris Griteman
      Red 05 x runner atm just fixing her back up looking at tons of stuff though but I do have a urd simulator and two 500 watt 12's bumping right behind the drivers seat and i got it out of Virginia up by toledo now
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    19. Cal Frez
      Cal Frez
      Been away from the site for a while.... my bad... to the good people at X Runner Underground, keep yoru heads high, you have a remarkable vehicle and one that is becoming more and more rare. Just try to find one for sale!!!!
    20. crzyhawaiian808
      Still here!!!! 2010 BSP x-runner on Oahu.
      URD mk3 cat back (have problems with the exhaust tip fitting in the center of the exhaust cut out)
      URD TCAI w/ maf calib (idles about 1500 at start up is that normal?)
      URD short shifter
      TRD shift knob
      Morimoto led projectors w/BHLM and led fog lights.

      Also i really want to add headers and y-pipe but I’m trying to scour the internet and forums about deleting the cats here in Hawaii. I know there aren’t any smog laws just hesitant about if safety checks will pass and the loudness in the cab.
      I don’t see much x-runners driving around these days :(
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