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Discussion in 'Site News & Updates' started by K2, Oct 13, 2016.

By K2 on Oct 13, 2016 at 10:30 PM
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    As many of you know we made a big migration from vBulletin to XenForo. So far, I'd like to say that the transition has been reasonably painless but there are definitely some bugs that need to be fixed and some new features that still need to be enabled or worked out.

    This thread will be used as a repository for ongoing issues and requests.

    Free welcome to post on this thread if you see something that isn't work or if you know of a XF feature or extension you'd like to see.

    Bugs / Issues
    • Links to threads using the vBulletin-style URL are broken throughout the site
    • Links to old attached images are broken
    • Links to old gallery photos are broken
    • Fix mobile uploads so that larger cell phone pictures can be uploaded without errors
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Discussion in 'Site News & Updates' started by K2, Oct 13, 2016.

      I'd like to see the "Post New Thread" button back up on the top left of the Forum Section Pages. Having to scroll all the way to the bottom is less than ideal.
    2. Slywhitty
      It's at the top on my phone.

      Attached Files:

      It's way over to the right on PC, I could get used to it but I've had a couple people ask me where it went already.
    4. Slywhitty
      Ahhhhh! I haven't been on my computer yet so I wouldn't know lol
    5. BSP06XRU
      No real problem, but just a redundancy.

      The top left corner of the page under the XRU logo has a "home" icon and right next to it is a "home" tab.
      The top left corner of the page under the XRU logo has a "home" icon and right next to it is a "home" tab.

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    6. zel
      Quick fix to remove the gray hover effect on the main navigation. Just add this to your css (in the EXTRA.css file if you have one in the template)

      .navTabs .navTab.PopupClosed:hover { background: none transparent; }
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    7. zel
      Also, try adding this to your .htaccess file to redirect the old vBulletin links (Not 100% sure if this will work because I'd need to see current rules you have in the file):

      RewriteRule ^threads/([^-]*)$ showthread.php?t=$1 [L]
    8. K2
      Wouldn't that redirect the XF threads to the old showthread.php file from VB? I want it to go the other way around. Not really a big deal; just need to write the SQL to search the reference table generated during instead and 301 redirect accordingly. Problem is that I already work 10-11 hours each day so finding time for XRU work is hard to come by.

      I appreciate the recommendations though. You clearly have some background in web. Tell me some about your areas of expertise @zel .
    9. Gadget
      How do you edit a post after posted?
      Do you not have the "edit" option?

    11. Gadget
      I do not see that menu. How do I get it to display?
      That may be a feature that wasn't set correctly when we went to Xenforo. I'll look into it for you. It's likely just a quick permissions toggle somewhere. Thanks for pointing it out.

    13. zel
      Thanks @K2! I've got roughly 8 years of experience and work full-time as a Front End Web Developer/Designer (but I'm not a programmer... yet :)) . My suggestion was to re-direct all of the links that are throughout the forum that link to the posts in the old format because they are all going to a 404 page. If you're looking to go through the entire database and re-format all of the links, I wouldn't be able to help with that.

      My rewrite is definitely not perfect, but it works. I think you've got another rewrite set that helps it along.
      Essentially it takes the URL like this:
      and turns it into this:
      ... but it would probably need some more adjustments to take the extra info like "&page=2" into effect.

      (If you could PM me the contents of your .htaccess I think I would be able to write it better)

      If you're not comfortable sharing that info, I found a tool that may help you make a better rewrite for those links here.
    14. thewarriordinghy
      I cannot get upload pics from my phone. On the old forum I could
      Just hit "Upload a File"

      Attached Files:

    16. thewarriordinghy
      Yes but now it says no apps can perform this action, and before it could
      Hmmm, must be an android thing. My iPhone uploaded the photo in my post.
    18. thewarriordinghy
      Is there a fix?
      @K2 here's another.

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