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    What is Top Ride of the Month?
    For more information on what we look for in a Top Ride nominee, please view our original TROTM selection process thread here:

    What determines the Top Ride of the Month?
    TROTM is based on a simple nomination system. The four trucks with the most nominations within the month are entered into a final poll. All XRU Members are then able to vote for their favorite truck amongst the four final nominations.

    1. Global Guidelines
      1. No rallying whatsoever is allowed either internally at XR-Underground.com or externally. Any evidence proving this will result in disqualification of the nominee.
      2. Any complaints/questions should be forwarded via Private Message to the XR-Underground.com Administrators.
      3. If a nominee wins, the nominee is not eligible to be TROTM again in the future.
      4. All nominated trucks must be members of XR-Underground.com.
      5. The XRU staff shall be the sole arbitrators of what does and what does not violate TROTM Rules and Guidelines. If you have any complaints please refer to clause 1.2 above.
      6. XRU Staff may NOT nominate/second a truck.
    2. Nomination Guidelines - The Top Ride of the Month is run on a nomination system.
      1. Nominations may only be made by another member with 100+ posts. In other words, you may not nominate yourself.
      2. Nominations must be seconded by at least another XRU member with 100+ posts.
      3. In the nomination thread, members may only nominate one truck or second an already nominated truck. Any other posts involving anything else will be deleted.
      4. Nominations will be voided if it is not seconded.
      5. When nominating please post:
        • The Members XRU Username
        • A short reason why you think this member deserves TROTM
        • a link (if available) to any photos or additional information about the truck.
      6. Every member may second up to a maximum of 3 nominated trucks. All 3 seconds should be made in a single post. NOTE: Only the first post with a second will count.
      7. Trucks that are in an active voting thread may NOT be nominated in the new Nomination thread for the new month.
      8. Each member may only nominate one truck per nomination thread.
    3. Poll Voting Guidelines
      1. The 4 trucks that have the most seconded nominations will be placed in the poll in alphabetical order.
      2. The thread containing the poll will be closed to any replies to prevent influence.
      3. Voting is up to the voters; no one can force or rally a vote. Voters MUST have a minimum of 30 posts in order to vote for a truck. This prevents forum trolls from skewing the results.
    4. Voting/Nomination Dates and Deadlines
      1. TROTM nominations will take place starting the first week of every month and ending on the end of that month.
      2. Voting will take place the first two weeks of the following month and the winner will be chosen at the end of that voting period.
    I know this seems a little complicated but we have to allow plenty of time for nominations and voting and then at least 2 weeks for the winner to get photos to me to Photoshop into the site.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please PM me.
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