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Discussion in 'F/I Mods & Tuning' started by revobreaker, May 24, 2013.

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    Real nice review. One thing I will say though. That vent in the rear of the cab is the vent for the HVAC system. It has little flappers that open when there is positive pressure inside the truck. Basically, if you ever run your heat or Ac on fresh air mode (pulling air from outside) with the windows closed, since that vent is blocked you will pretty much have no airflow from your Ac vents. So essentially you have to keep the recirculate button on at all times now.

    It also relieves the air pressure on the inside of the truck when you shut your doors. So don't be surprised if your ears pop every once in a while when you shut your door lol
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    Oct 30, 2015
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    Hi Justin, I had thought through the reprecussions and came up with the same conclusions that you did before removing it. However, so far, I've not noticed any problems. For me, the benefits seem to have been larger than the drawbacks.

    Note: If you decided to remove this vent it's not just something that can be popped-out and covered. Seems that it was installed from the outside before installation of the bed. Thus it's trapped in place. I used a heat gun and softend the plastic so that it could be deformed and pulled into the interior.

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