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Discussion in 'F/I Mods & Tuning' started by Blackfin, Jan 30, 2020.

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    Nov 25, 2015
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    I've got an '09 x-runner with factory supercharger and I'm having some issues with tune.

    The reason I'm reaching out to you is because I've read and enjoyed alot of your posts and I thought you might be able to help me or direct me to someone who can.

    The truck has a few urd parts and I thought perhaps it could be an issue with my 02 sims, but I can't seem to get ahold of anyone at urd.

    I'm in the San Diego area.. email me when you can

    Address is poolspecter@gmail.com

    Forgot to really introduce myself.. I'm Mike.. Blackfin on the forum.

    Let me know if you can help or if you want to connect anyway... seems like there's not many x-runner owners who are enthusiasts these days.



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    What kind of issues are you dealing with? When you say it's tune related, what points to that? DO you have an AFR gauge telling you you're lean or rich? Does the truck have an X1 or UCON piggyback ECU? What size pulley are you running on the S/C (FYI there's not such thing as a factory supercharger, they were all either aftermarket or dealer installed)?
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    Jul 11, 2016
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    URD ( Gadget ) has always responded quickly. No worries, he'll read this post and reach out. That's the kind of fella ( Vendor ) he is. " A few " parts doesn't help any of us on the forum that may be able to help. Feed us some more info, we're hungry.
    - Jason
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