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    Facebook postsfrom Klint:

    "The website is broken and here is why:

    Our web host of about 10 years, LiquidWeb, decided to no longer offer shared hosting and sold all of their accounts to a new company, Deluxe Hosting. Yesterday, September 15, Deluxe Hosting migrated our website to their servers. The problem is that their server is running newer software that is not compatible with our older version of VBulletin (forum software).

    So, a couple of options: I've reached out to their tech team to see if we can be moved to a server with older software. A weird request indeed but it would immediately solve the issues.

    The other option is to upgrade/change our forum software. This was already in process but it's time consuming and I don't have much free time. We could switch to a new forum software quickly but would lose all of the XRU theming/design. The design is dated anyway and needs to be updated (again, more time)."

    And the follow up:

    "I'll keep you guys updated. For now, the forum will remain closed due to all of the errors displaying on pages.

    Okay... so I heard back from Deluxe Hosting (that was fast) and they basically told me to go pound sand. They don't have servers with older PHP versions, for security reasons, so they told me to upgrade the forum software. That is VERY much easier said than done.

    I'm out of town for the next two days so XRU will be offline during that timeframe. I'll have to think one through a bit guys but I foresee us pushing through to the new forum software sooner than later and just losing some features for the short term."

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