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    Update on the panels : No the molds are not for sale as of now.

    When I started this endeavor I was renting a place that had an insulated and heater garage but found out the landlord was not paying the mortgage and in the middle of Sept. I had 24hrs to pack up and be out. I was homeless staying with friends for 3 weeks. My new place the garage is unheated and un-insulated and my lease says only electric heaters can be used and I have a single car bay out of a 1000sqft with 18ft ceilings so heating it is not an option and there lies the problem. I can only make the panels when temps are above freezing at the moment. As I type this right now the first set are gel-coated and curing( pics attached) I hope to have the first set of front panels pulled out the molds Sunday afternoon or early evening and make a second set this in the middle of next week. Once the panels are ready for primer I will post them up for sale. When the weather becomes warmer I should be able to get one set a week for sale maybe 2 depending on work. Price will be as it always has been $500+ shipping. As I get more pictures I will add them to this post.

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