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  • hey david, now that youre a ****ing moderator can you ****ing read the **** that I am typing, you ****ing ****ty mother****ing polesmoker?:laugh:

    Congrats ****er:top:
    hey dude this is cj... the guy with the blue x that came up to the shop the other day... i was wonderin about the guy u said that could fix that ding in my truck... can u message me back details.. thanks
    hey i was just curious you went with 24's how rough of ride is it? i just went with 20"s with tall tires! i want to drop mine down some but never dropped one so dont know how or wat to do!!! you have any suggestions? in never see any X's here in kansas think ive seen 3 or for, in the state! hit me back if you have a chance, thanks
    you should really lay your truck like that. it would be easy too haha. youd loose the ac and you would have to sheetmetal your bed. but it would look sickkk
    I have the tools, but I found out today that the ECU has to stay attached to the truck for me to do the re-flash...you wont be able to just send it to me; I would need the whole truck here....Sorry dude!
    so i bought a s/c and now i need the flasjh. can you see if you have the tools?


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