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    2022 Update

    That looks like fun.
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    wrecked my xr...

    That sucks! Sorry to hear that. Is your insurance going to cover some of it? Fixing it depends on the cost. I sure would want to fix it. They are going to be a classic.
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    Elk Grove Village, IL

    I picked up a load of junk tires in Elk Grove Village, IL today, at Pomp’s Tire, and sitting there in the lot was an 05-08 RR X-Runner. Nice looking truck. Mostly stock with a matching bed cover. I didn't have a chance to go looking for the owner. They aren't going to let me go wondering around...
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    Random Chatter

    When I take off from the stoplight it looks like the other cars are just sitting there.
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    Can my truck be called an X-Runner?

    It sure looks like one. I like it. Nice truck.
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    what are the current gas prices in your area?

    All my stuff runs on 91 octane because of a supercharger or high compression. I paid $4.99 a gallon for it 2 days ago. I expect to see $5.49 pretty soon.
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    anyone have issues with their paint?

    My roof paint is starting to lose some of the clear. It's an `08 and I live in Arizona. That's not bad really. I wouldn't mind having the roof & the hood repainted some day..
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    First ride since last fall

    Mine is still a daily. If I had dough I would move up. But I don't think I would get rid of it. They are something. Toyota accidentally got it right.
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    Rough Ride

    I hate when people buy an X-Runner and change it too much. There are a lot of other Tacomas that are more suitable. It is a work of art. A rare piece of equipment. Let it be a sport truck and cherish it if you own one.
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    what are the current gas prices in your area?

    I'm not babing mine, I'm hammer down. But I'm driving a lot less. I won't run across town on a whim anymore. Also I'm consolidating trips.
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    Rough Ride

    That's a good question. I have heard that the lowered trucks ride a little rougher. Less travel.
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    Rough Ride

    I wouldn't change the truck too much. I would change trucks. The SR5's look nice, Pre Runner maybe. X Runner is a race truck. It's great at what it was designed to be.
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    how many miles on your xr? (2022 edition)

    My 2008 has 94k miles. It's my only vehicle but I'm not home a lot.
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    what are the current gas prices in your area?

    I payed $60 for 12 gallons of 91 yesterday in Tucson Arizona. It's killing me.