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  • yo what up. kinda new on the site. tryin to find some people with x runners and vegas i kno theres people that got em out here just dont kno anybody. whens vegas havin a meet or something like that?
    hey i dont know if you remember me but i need help i just sold my urd intake and need to know what wire is used to extend the maf sensor wires?
    Quick note to everybody, if you need something, send me a PM, as I will get that faster then a message on here. :top:
    Hey, can you add in the title from my custom BHLM!!!! to New pics of custom BHLM!!!! Or somthing like that...

    Sounds good my friend. How is life in Texas treating you? It is really f'in hot out here right now.
    I got an idea for my recessed grill. Gonna be pretty sick but I cant tell cuz I dont want anybody to steal my idea lol. Oh and was jw...if there's an xfw next year you gonna be planning/coming?
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