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  • gonna try to have Gibson replace my exhaust under warranty. Go on vacation and to XFE, then get headers.
    Good, just bathed her. Gettin inspected & aligned tomorrow. The URD CAI and MAF are awesome! URD FTW! Now I can't stop lookin at the URD exhaust...
    Just finished my install...thanks mane. I went with the 6k projection w/black housing and 3k fogs.

    I can't wait till we get the PM up and running again!
    passengers Side:
    I put the fog light ballast behind the washer fluid reservoir, its tight enough that it won't move. The H4 ballast I did have mounted next to the radiator, now w/ the URD CAI...I just zip tied it in lastnight. Gotta find a better place for it.
    Drivers side: I'll have to look...one is behind the battery (H4), the fog ballast is zip tied to the radiator support.
    I can take pics lata, its kinda jerry rigged but their not moving.

    Where did you mount you that silver HID box for you headlights and fogs???

    Congrats Homie!! I know you were really lokin to get out....

    just hope we can still hnag out at meet and all!

    hey whats up bro well just wanted to ler you know that i am not getting extended and actually i might even get out early !!!! WOOOO HOOOO
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