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    Wanted xii front coilovers

    If anyone is selling some let me know. Text anytime 808-384-2579
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    wtb front x braces

    i know this is a long shot but anybody got the front braces for sale that the x runner has. Looking to add them to my regular cab for more ridgidity. Maybe some has a totalled or wrecked part out? let me know either email or text 808-384-2579 cuz i dont get to check my pms...
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    Wtb full body kit

    If anyone is selling a full x runner body kit let me know, i wanna convert my regular cab into an x. Just need the body kit so I can modify it. Email or text will hit me instantly thanks! 808-384-2579
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    WTB scooped hood

    anybody have a black scooped hood in good condition in hawaii that they want to sell locally? looking for one.
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    New guy

    Hey guys new to the forum got a regular cab I'm turning into an x runner style truck. Lookin for parts and info and ideas. Thanks!