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  1. SooRunner

    New Coupe's Deep Oil Pan & OEM Toyota LED Tail Lights

    I have a brand new never installed Coupe's 7 1/2 oil pan, comes with everything to install. Purchased for $1100....asking $900 More inffo: Also have OEM toyota LED tail light from 2009+ Tacoma. asking $200 Reason for sale...I sold mmy...
  2. SooRunner

    TRD Big Brake Kit

    Used TRD 332 BBK with new Hawk brake pads. $1250.
  3. SooRunner

    Need StopTech/TRD BBK ST-40 Caliper Info...

    Just wondering how many different ST40 calipers does StopTech make? Is there a difference in caliper piston size? I just picked up a 4Runner and removed my TRD BBK from my X-Runner and trying to slap it on my 4Runner. I'm assuming all I need is new rotors 6 lug, the mounting bracket for...
  4. SooRunner


    Eclipse DVD/NAVI/MP3 AVN-6620 deck- $350 shipped (has a minor scratch on screen, happened when I removed it and it fell on a metal piece. Still work but has that blemish) Comes with scoshe faceplate, parrot bluetooth, ipod hookup. TRD Seat Cover- SOLD! Weather Tech Digital Floor Mat FRONT+REAR...
  5. SooRunner

    URD Traction Bar, DTLT, TRD BBK, X11 Front Sway Bar

    URD Traction Bar in red - $350 DTLT-SOLD! TRD BBK with new pads-$1650 X11 Front Sway bar only - SOLD! B&M short shifter - $350 URD short shifter on oem shifter - $100 New Street Star upper and lower radiator hoses - SOLD! New Coupe's 7 1/2 oil pan - $900 Subx with JL 10inch- $250 I...
  6. SooRunner

    WTB: 05-08 Rear Tail Lights

    I'm looking for OEM rear tail lights from 05-08 tacoma. Let me know if you have one available and the price. Thanks!
  7. SooRunner

    Craven Speed Guage Pod

    used gauge pod by craven speed SOLD! Thanks for checking!
  8. SooRunner

    For sale: Oem toyota rear tailgate camera

    As most of you know I'm selling my x and parting it out, I have OEM Toyota Rear Tail Gate Camera for sale. I never got to hooking it up to my aftermarket deck with a switch to turn it on or off at any time. Pending sale....waiting for payment. 415-680-0112
  9. SooRunner

    Gen 1 TRD Intake Like New

    About 200 miles on it before I went supercharged. SOLD! 415-680-0112
  10. SooRunner

    UCON & X1

    Up for sale is my UCON and X1 I have left from my supercharger that I just sold. UCON-SOLD! X1-$550 shipped WILL NOT COME WITH CAM GEARS OR THERMOSTAT. 415-680-0112
  11. SooRunner

    B&M Short Shifter, TRD Spoiler, URD Short Shifter...

    Finally got to removing the parts... B&M Short Shifter-SOLD! URD Short Shifter on Stock Shifter Assembly-$100 OEM Injectors 30K off 2011-$75 shipped. 415-680-0112
  12. SooRunner

    For Sale: URD MK3

    I finally got off my fat @$$ and removed the s/c. Asking $3,300... does not include shipping or paypal fees. Price drop, and WILL NOT come with engine management UCON/X1. Selling because baby on the way. SOLD ON CRAIGSLIST TO A LOCAL BUYER!!!!! PLEASE CLOSE THREAD!!!
  13. SooRunner

    SooRunner's Part out thread...

    Stuff I currently have for sale ready to be shipped out: -NEW XII coilovers - SOLD -Coupe's Oil pan - $900 shipped -NEW Street Star upper and lower radiator hoses in RED - $80 shipped -NEW 2 inch? drop coils in red. - SOLD! -NEW Stock height coils in BLACK, great for DJM - $200 shipped -TRD...
  14. SooRunner

    Sema 2014

    Okay who is at the SEMA show? Post some pics!!! Toyota Camry is a sleeping BEAST!
  15. SooRunner

    FOR SALE: XII Coilover & Coupe's oil pan

    I do not need these NEW parts any more. - NEW Coupe's oil pan complete - $900 or best offer. - NEW XII Performance Coilovers - SOLD! -OEM Tailgate reverse camera. Was going to hook up to my navigation deck but never got to it. -$100 plus your old tailgate handle. More parts to come...:biggrin...
  16. SooRunner

    Wanted: Stock Shifter & Shift Knob

    I'm looking for a OEM stock shifter/urd short shifter and a oem shift knob. Let me know if you have one and the price. PM me please! :top: Preferably OEM parts...
  17. SooRunner

    Any X owners in the Fresno area?

    Just wondering if there are any X owners located in the Fresno, CA area. I'm out here for 1 month for work. Maybe a meet?
  18. SooRunner

    FOR SALE: 2005 X-Runner URD Supercharged

    Sad to say but going to pull the trigger! :biggrin: 2005 SWB, well maintained, almost everything you can do to it. Go Fast goodies: 180K original COMMUTING miles, still run strong no leak what so ever, well maintained! URD MK3 Stage 2.5 w/intercooler URD Fuel pump upgrade HKS BOV DTLT GEN 1...
  19. SooRunner

    Where is bank 2 sensor 2 located on my 2005 X?

    My X is throwing a Bank 2 Sensor 2 check engine light and wondering where it located? Thanks!
  20. SooRunner

    What is my X worth?

    Thinking about selling my X...sad...trying to buy a house maybe. Engine: -URD MK3 Stage 2.5? -DTLT Gen 1 -Oil catch can -TRD oil cap -URD Y Pipe (not installed) -URD MK2 exhaust -Coupe’s oil 7 ½ quart oil pan ( not installed) -X1 ecu -Ucon ecu currently installed. -Stage 4 clutch -Fidanza...