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  1. Detective_Dan

    The 70 mph Condom, yeah. I saw a video of this and I was like BS, so I had to go and try it. enjoy
  2. Detective_Dan

    stuff for sale

    MAKE ME AN OFFER! cleaned out the garage and found some stuff I need to get rid of. I will take OBO offers, but please don't low ball me. and no, I will not pay for shipping so you need to keep that in mind if you are interested. THESE PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING Stock intake...
  3. Detective_Dan

    Detective_Dan's Build Round 3

    well, over the past 4 years I've built: A 2010 DCSB: A 2011 X-Runner: and now for my latest project..... 2010 Evo X Special Edition: did some minor modding, but nothing engine-wise yet (need more $$$ lol) trans and oil coolers are behind the...
  4. Detective_Dan

    Adams polishes wax review

    I know this isn't a tacoma, but I've used this on my old xrunner a few times for a flawless shine... some of you may or may not have heard of Adams Polishes if you havnt, I would suggest getting you some of this stuff! It is the easiest, most effective wax I have ever used. all of...
  5. Detective_Dan

    Parts for sale

    sold sold sold
  6. Detective_Dan

    El Paso xrunner

    I know there are a few new members looking for X's and can't get into the "for sale" threads yet, that's why I posted this here. This is my old truck...
  7. Detective_Dan

    new ride

    went out and took some pics of what i traded the X for the X was great, but its potential was fairly limited and i wanted to go faster. hopefully this will deliver
  8. Detective_Dan

    **Huge Partout** LOOK

    ok ladies and gents, the time has come. i got rid of the X and got an evo X. i have quite a decent amount of stuff for sale so im sure im going to be getting PM's like crazy, so dont get discouraged if i dont reply right away. DO NOT message me with lowball offers, i wont even respond to...
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  10. Detective_Dan

    evo mod done

    quite literally :blurock:
  11. Detective_Dan

    **someone please help**

    im putting my stock supercharger pulley back on and this GD allen bolt somehow went from finger tight to superman on roids tight. the allen part is stripped out, not the threads. it wouldnt be that difficult to remove other than the fact that i cant get the supercharger snout to stop spinning...
  12. Detective_Dan

    Throwing around an idea....

    So I'm 95% positive I'm going to be getting an STI. I need a vehicle that can seat people more comfortably and is still quick. I'm planning on starting a family soon and th X unfortunately isn't gonna cut it anymore. My main question is this. I'm going to take the truck back to mostly...
  13. Detective_Dan

    Need help asap!!!!

    I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this question, but can I drive my truck with no supercharger belt? Im assuming no because air wont be able to properly get to the motor. It shredded when I started my truck to leave work this afternoon and nobody in town has a belt in stock. I ordered...
  14. Detective_Dan

    Holloman AFB spotted

    spotted at the commisary on HAFB. never been able to locate the owner. anybody know? (mines the red one BTW lol)
  15. Detective_Dan

    xr vs 2012 mazdaspeed3
  16. Detective_Dan

    FINALLY! drop it like its hot!

    finally got around to installing this damn kit lol. XII Performance Street Drop Kit. stock suspension stock wheel gap rear front starting the install rear blocks in stock coil vs lowering coil new coil in DROPPED! rear gap now...
  17. Detective_Dan

    its the little things that pop...

    ordered a BSP xrunner badge to replace my BRM one. i love the way it pops on my all black/red theme black/red theme
  18. Detective_Dan

    whatcha think?

    debadged because i got a black xrunner badge and a black trd badge for the tailgate. just stuck this here out of shere boredom and i kinda like it now. what are your thoughts?
  19. Detective_Dan

    Attention el paso xr's!

    headed out to el paso motorplex drag strip on the 1st of march, its in the calendar already. i would love to see you guys in the surrounding west texas area meet up and have a good time! ill be there in my truck and with some friends. pontiac g8, mazdaspeed3, subie sti and possibly a GSXR...
  20. Detective_Dan

    NT05's ordered!

    just ordered a set of Nitto NT05's. 255/35/20 fronts and 315/35/20 rears. so damn stoked. these are gonna be some FAT STICKY TIRES!