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  1. Ziggy297

    AC harness issue

    I recently lost all but 1 speed ( medium) on my AC in my 2010 X. I went online and the problem everyone else has had was the blower resistor but their blower was on high only. I pulled the AC module out and found a charred wire connection ( pics attached). Has anyone else had this issue? I am...
  2. Ziggy297

    URD stage 3 clutch disc

    im in the middle of a T56 conversion and am installing a URD stage 3 clutch. On the splined clutch disc center one side is pretty flush with the disc, the other side the splined section extends out by maybe 1.5". Does the extended section face the transmission or does it even matter? Probably a...
  3. Ziggy297

    Throw out bearing chirp

    Over the last 2 weeks my throw out bearing started chirping. Made an appointment with Toyota and got a call saying the brakes were making the noise not the throw out bearing. Knowing better I went back down there and took the tech for a ride ( he had driven it 10 miles and said it was fine), 2...
  4. Ziggy297

    Thank you Coupe and Woolaroo!

    Coupe your powder coated CAI cover is top notch!! Woolaroo thank you for the intake!! [url URL=][/URL]
  5. Ziggy297

    Streetacos not responding

    Hey guys, not sure if this is in the right forum but has anyone dealt with I ordered some lowering blocks on September 12th and have heard nothing, I have emailed twice asking about the order with no response back. Does anyone know if that company went under or is this how they...
  6. Ziggy297

    Supercharger break in?

    I had Toyota install my supercharger on April 7th and there was a pretty big increase in power. Last week I noticed that my X seemed to be getting "peppier". Over the last 2 days the thing runs like a bat out of hell even with the temperature in the high 90's. I have put maybe 1200 miles on...
  7. Ziggy297

    Torn between two offsets

    In the next month or so I will be able to buy the Volk TTA's. I am looking at doing 19x9.5 on all four corners but there are 2 offset sizes that look like they will work, one is +22 and the other is +34. I am leaning toward the + 34 but have only seen one member so far with that offset and...
  8. Ziggy297

    Kenwood excelon DNX891HD and the shark fin

    Does anyone know if the shark fin on our roofs could be used for the Navigation in stereos? I know it is for XM but do not know if the connection is the same. Hell I would be willing to splice wires to make it work. Has anyone done this?
  9. Ziggy297

    New to the underground, late introduction

    As the title says, I am new here and have been soaking up all of the good info to be had here! Fell in love with the X runner around 2005 and finally broke down and bought one. Mostly stock less the supercharger, grill and headlights but working on it!
  10. Ziggy297

    Blue X this morning on Highway 4

    Blue x runner this morning 4/17 on Highway 4 exiting Pittsburg, are you on here? That is Two x runners within 12 hours!
  11. Ziggy297

    Red x on Highway 4

    I was heading toward Brentwood and saw you on highway 4 between Brentwood and Oakley heading toward Oakley. Are you on here?