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  1. xrunrob

    22s on my X

    These wheels where on 2 previous xrunners on this forum but now they are on mine. bought theses a while ago and never shared the pics. Here are some. Enjoy. I don't know the offset of these wheels but they fit perfect. the truck is dropped 3,3 and I had to trim the front
  2. xrunrob

    OEM non power side mirrors

    Looking for OEM 05-11 non power side mirrors. Let me know if u got some and how much thanks.
  3. xrunrob


    will there be a black Friday sale this year? trying to decided if I should wait to order a URD TOB or buy now.
  4. xrunrob

    spacers to lift front end

    I am djm right now with a 3/3 drop. I recently bought new wheels. Adurys old wheels to be exact. I do not want to go back to factory suspension and was wondering if there was anyone on here who has use a spacer to lift the front end. I only need to come up .25 to .5 of a inch. Mainly just on the...
  5. xrunrob

    Factory clutch

    I looking for a good used factory clutch. my TOB is squeaking really bad and the clutch is not long for this world. truck is all stock and I will be doing the Upgraded TOB from URD but I don't want to drop 500 dollars on a clutch kit. I wish I would have bought the factory clutch I seen on here...
  6. xrunrob

    Rear bumper.

    Got rear ended today. Looking for a rear bumper here in the near future. Let me know what you have. Just need the bumper. Body kit is not damaged. Thanks.
  7. xrunrob

    vertini drift gold wheels

    Been looking for some vertini drift gold wheels in 20. If anyone sees a set for sale used or has a set let me know. Thanks.
  8. xrunrob

    2 inch drop blocks

    Looking for some 2 inch drop blocks for my other project. Let me know if you got someaand willing to sell. Thanks
  9. xrunrob

    Another Ocala spotting RR on HWY 200

    saw a RR this morning on HWY 200. you here behind me when i pulled in the BP station right after I-75. think this may be the truck that was for sale at Martins Used Cars on HWY 200 closer to HWY 484
  10. xrunrob

    BSP in Ocala FL on US441

    Spotted bsp x on 441/27/301 heading towards belleview. Just turn off from 17th. Aftermarket headlights. Exhaust. Stock rims and tinted tails.
  11. xrunrob

    Need input on Wheels

    thinking of possibly trading my wheels and was hoping to get some input from the XR group Here is my current setup TSW Nurburging 18x10.5 +27 18x9.5 +20 275/35/18 Eagle F1 all 4 corners Thinking of trading for some KMC novas 20x8.5 0 offset and 20.10 +18 offset. thinking i would...
  12. xrunrob

    Carbon Hood

    I picked up a carbon hood pretty cheap and thought i would share the progress. the clear was all pealing off and flaking so it needs to be completely sanded down. you can see the difference between the nice carbon and the carbon with the clear still on it (yellow looking). its getting there very...
  13. xrunrob

    been thinking of trading the X

    So I've been thinking of trading the X in for a full 4 door Tacoma. Anyone else here do this and have any regrets of doing so . Just thinking the extra space would be nice with a kid and all. Let me hear your thoughts. I know ultimately its my choice but looking for some advice. Thanks.
  14. xrunrob

    WTB or WTT for 20s

    i have some TSW Nurburgring in bronze and I'm looking to trade for a different set of wheels or possible buy a different set. the TSW are 18x9.5 +40 and I'm running a 20mm spacer and 18x10.5 + 27 has 275/35/18 all around rims and tires have about 4k miles, no uneven wear. no curb rash at all...
  15. xrunrob

    my x and my new toy

    So i just pick her up on Monday. So far i love the bike. Its a 2008 with 19500 miles. Full Yoshi exhaust, new chain and sprockets, new pilot sport tires, ASV levers, vortex rear sets, power commander, and a gold kick stand. picked her up for 4300 bucks. This is my third bike. Before i had a 96...
  16. xrunrob

    headliner question

    im going to be doing my headliner in black suede in the next few days here. i been doing some searching on the site and still cant find a answer im looking for. Do I have to rip off the stock headliner or can i glue the new suede over top of the factory material? ill keep searching but...
  17. xrunrob

    TSW Nurburgring 18x10.5 18x9.5

    Mods please close this thread and delete. sorry about
  18. xrunrob

    easy chop

    this is my brothers truck. i was hoping someone here could help me out. hes thinking of painting the wheels black and the front bumper black. if someone could change it for me that would be awesome. Thanks
  19. xrunrob

    Bed alignment

    So i just got new rims and i noticed how one side stick farther out on the pass side then the driver. i tried to adjust the bed but ran out of adjustment. is there a way replace the little spacers underneath the bolts with more oval ones for more adjustment? or does anyone have any suggestions...
  20. xrunrob

    Clean and TSW Wheels

    Here she is all cleaned and pretty. My new wheels are TSW Nurburgring Bronze. 18x9.5 front +40 with a 20mm spacer so effectively +20, rears are 18x10.5 +27 with 275/35/18 Goodyear Eagle F1 all around. Enjoy the pics and let me know what you think. As of right now I'm loving the look.