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  1. Deathoftheparty

    New throwout bearing already failing

    So I bought the upgrade from URD about 4 months ago and it's already screaming like a raped ape. Seeing as it's still pretty new should I be overly concerned about it or am I good to go? Kinda disappointed that this is already happening again.
  2. Deathoftheparty

    Police and the X

    Does anyone feel like they get messed with more by the cops because of the X? I've been pulled over more times than I can count and let go with a warning since owning the X. It could be just me because I am the only X in my town and it's probably too awesome for everyone else to handle around...
  3. Deathoftheparty

    Bsp i-10 w

    Was heading east on I-10 in my SWB and saw you heading west. Anyone on here?
  4. Deathoftheparty

    Throw out bearing?

    I recently noticed that when in neutral I hear a pretty good squeal/squeak and it stops once I engage the clutch and starts again when I disengage it. Is this my throw out bearing going bad? If so, how long can I expect to be able to drive like this? Is the URD upgrade/repair kit the best solution?
  5. Deathoftheparty

    Tempe floor and decor

    Saw a SWB in the parking lot of floor and decor in Tempe, anybody on here belong to this x?
  6. Deathoftheparty

    Write-Up: Center Console Button

    Well the other day I went to put something in my center console and when I let go of the button it shot across my lap. Took me about 20 mins or so to find the tiny spring that goes inside it. When I examined it further I noticed that the 2 plastic tabs that hold it in the tracks had broke. I...
  7. Deathoftheparty

    Drop w/ mono leafs

    I have a DJM 2/3 with mono leafs and it doesn't sit quite level. I was wondering is there any way to drop the rear anymore while keeping the monos? I was told you can't use blocks or anything with them so looking for alternatives.
  8. Deathoftheparty

    How tight shoukd sway bars be?

    I was recently changing my oil and noticed that the driver side of my front sway bar had some play on the bolt. Is this normal or should I torque it back down?
  9. Deathoftheparty

    Taco tunes componets

    Anyone bought the taco tunes component speaker package they offer? If so are they worth the money? I don't wanna spend $180 just to have to replace them in 2 months.
  10. Deathoftheparty

    BSP chandler blvd

    Was heading west on chandler blvd in my X and saw a BSP heading east. Is this anyone's on here?
  11. Deathoftheparty


    Does anybody experience a powerband effect in some gears? I seem to get it in 2nd mostly and sometimes 3rd. Normally comes on about 3000 rpms. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen.
  12. Deathoftheparty

    Oil change?

    Any suggestions on what oil to use for a boosted x? Or should I just stick with what the factory calls for?
  13. Deathoftheparty

    Got a tick.

    Anyone know the best way to diagnose an engine tick and what to do about it?
  14. Deathoftheparty

    Cleaning engine bay

    Anybody have a quick and easy way of cleaning your engine bay without having to blast it with a pressure washer. I prefer not to everything soaking wet, just makes me feel sketchy throwing water all over it.
  15. Deathoftheparty

    Well I Had An Antenna

    So last night when I got home from work I had an antenna on my truck and well when I got to work today I was walking up to my truck and noticed this. So one of two things happened, either A) since I bought the truck used it could have been a shitty mod and the damned thing fell off while going...
  16. Deathoftheparty

    Short shifter

    Well I was wanting to install a urd s/s and because I am not the original owner I wanted to make sure that there wasn't one already installed. When I took everything apart I came across a couple things that make me wonder. First is what appears to be a spacer already installed which leads me to...
  17. Deathoftheparty

    Shift Knob Remorse

    I'm not sure if this is a real thing haha but I recently bought a new shift knob just to replace the random chrome looking one that the previous owner had installed. Well about 10 mins after putting on the new one I found myself missing the old one even though it's dull and in no way makes the...
  18. Deathoftheparty

    Best aftermarket alarm

    I'm trying to get everyone's opinion on what is the best alarm system for our trucks. I'm currently looking at some sort of viper alarm system but would like to get everyone's take on different systems used. Any and all info is helpful.
  19. Deathoftheparty

    TPMS sensor

    So I was wondering is there anything other than the obvious of pushing the button under the dash for the TPMS that I would have to do in order not to mess anything up or do you just push it and it resets? Thanks
  20. Deathoftheparty

    Stubby Antenna?

    Ok so I see a lot of the x's on here that have the cool little stubby antennas but how well do they work? Is it a hassle for install? (I've seen some where you have to rewire the antenna to the back of the radio.) So I'm just trying to get a consensus about this because they previous owner of my...