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    Gabe's Base access cab 2015

    Thanks to xru and Tacoma world I was able to gather quality information to drop my 2015 access cab base Tacoma. I'm really happy with the outcome. Simple and clean like I had wanted. Small hiccup today. Noticed that discount tire did not use the correct balancing attachment and scratched and...
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    Djm bolt in c notch

    For sale- djm bolt in c-notch with bolt in hardware. The u bolts you see is stock length. $75 ? Located in SoCal/Oceanside area.
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    Base wheels djm drop

    Just dropped my 5lug on the djm kit. Currently shopping for rims and tires. Based on a few threads here and my 5 lug not having the fender flares I'm thinking of a 18X9 +35. Does that seem to probably sit pretty flush ? Tire size not sure yet but maybe a stock xru with a stretch ? Maybe little...
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    Got my djm Monday and now I'm in the process of planning out the notch. I'm not sure if I should just go with the djm supplied bolt in notch or have a friend make the semi circle one like this picture. Few options I think the djm notch will be fine and I'd add some plate to the back side of...