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  1. madtrucker

    Elk Grove Village, IL

    I picked up a load of junk tires in Elk Grove Village, IL today, at Pomp’s Tire, and sitting there in the lot was an 05-08 RR X-Runner. Nice looking truck. Mostly stock with a matching bed cover. I didn't have a chance to go looking for the owner. They aren't going to let me go wondering around...
  2. madtrucker

    A man goes to a bar and sees a girl dancing on a table

    A man goes to a bar and sees a girl dancing on a table. He walks over to her and says, "Wow, nice legs!" She is flattered and replies, "You really think so?" The man says, "Oh definitely! Most tables would have collapsed by now."
  3. madtrucker

    Picture test

    Testing it out. Since Photobucket isn't working anymore.
  4. madtrucker

    New tires

    It's time for some new tires. I have the Nitto NT555. I see they have a gen 2 version of that tire. They hook awesome. Off the line like a rocket, but they are worthless in the rain. Almost a little scary. I was thinking of the Pilot Sport A/S3 Plus, the Bridgestone Potenza S4 Pole Positions...
  5. madtrucker

    Slip Yoke Help!

    I went to the stealership for an oil change today and they told me my front yoke is leaking. The technical name for it is Universal Joint Sleeve Yoke. They only sell the entire drive shaft for $1200 dollars, installed. I see no need to buy the whole shaft for 1 little yoke. It's a hard part to...
  6. madtrucker

    Had to put the X up

    I was out in it today and it kept drifting and peeling out. Sliding around corners and launching off the lights. I said that's it, your going back home and getting parked. I had to put my foot down, well I mean not, whatever. If it can't behave it has to get parked I can't afford another ticket.
  7. madtrucker

    Toyota keeps calling me

    Like it says, they call and say they want to buy my X Runner. I tell them, y'all got nothing I want. They say we have plenty of Tacomas." So I ask if they have any brand new X Runners, of course they don't know. Man they are annoying. They don't even know what an X Runner is. Are you guys...
  8. madtrucker

    Cragar S/S Wheels

    These used to be the wheel to have 50 years ago. They were popular for a long time. I know most of you guys don't like chrome. I just wonder how these would look on an X. That is old school right there. What do you think?
  9. madtrucker

    Dodge SRT Hellcat

    Have you guys seen this thing? OMFG. I've never been a big dodge fan but this thing. I want one.
  10. madtrucker

    SWB in Commerce City,Co

    I saw this baby sitting outside the Sapp Brothers truck stop in Colorado near Denver. It's been parked there a couple days. I'm thinking this belongs to a truck driver.
  11. madtrucker

    Zombie Hunter

    I was at a shop today and one of the mechanics had this. You tell me what you think.
  12. madtrucker

    Calvert Racing

    I ordered Caltracs for my b-day, it's next week. From me, to me. I'm going to have them installed Friday. Cuz what I really want for my birthday is no more wheel hop! I will document the process, then do a hole shot video to see how she does.
  13. madtrucker

    Ontario,Ca SWB

    I always go over to Galaxy Burger when I'm in Cali. They have truck parking. On my way in I saw this bad boy parked at the Gulf South Medical Supply wharehouse. So I walked back over to get a few shots of it. I noticed the stereo was on the dash and the antenna was missing, I'm guessing somebody...
  14. madtrucker

    Chinese Baby

    A Chinese couple, the Wongs, had a new baby. The nurse brings them over a lovely, healthy, bouncy, half black, baby boy. "Congratulations," says the nurse to the new parents. "What will you name the baby?" The puzzled father looks at his new child and says "I think we will name him "Sum Ting...
  15. madtrucker

    Tornado I was at a truck stop in Minonk,IL this afternoon when a tornado hit. It was a sight to see. Here is some of the after pics. My truck is 1 of the red ones, still upright.
  16. madtrucker

    Video Editing Ok this was my 1st attempt at video editing. It's bad, especially the music. I was trying to get her loose, the last u-turn she came around a bit. I'm using Premier Elements 11.
  17. madtrucker

    I woke up

    I woke up in Rufus,Or (because that is where I parked the night before) and there she was. Sitting in front of Bob's Texas T-Bone. I like the truck, I noticed it has a BBK on it. I don't see to many X's up north, It was good to see one.
  18. madtrucker

    U Turn I'm trying out the Gopro. Trying to get the hang of it. Here is my first attempt. Hung a little U turn and got yelled at by my girlfriend. I wish I had better audio of her yelling about it.
  19. madtrucker

    New Shifter

    Fed Ex just dropped it off, from TRD Parts 4 U. I can't wait to get this baby in the X.
  20. madtrucker

    SWB in Tucson

    The wife shot this for me at 5:30 pm on the way home from work today. It was at the corner of Swan & Pima. Who is this? Is it 1 of us?