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    Show Off Your Spoilers!

    I'm so jealous of all you guys that have the OEM spoiler. I'd buy one in a second if I could find one!
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    Tailgate Spoiler Group Buy

    I'm interested in these if you have anymore black shorties. Do you have any pictures of the short spoiler standing from the drivers side door area looking back and a picture of where the shorty meets the inside of the tailgate? Thanks!
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    Xii Performance Drop kit

    @NHXRUNNER Thanks for the pictures, I'm digging the X! Are those 18" wheels? That's like the exact stance I'm looking for, nothing ridiculous. @30Birdy I have a base Tacoma so I'd need more than 2" in the rear to level with the lowering springs. Maybe I could keep my eye out for some xii Leafs!
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    Xii Performance Drop kit

    Have any pictures of your truck with the Xii drop?
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    Xii Performance Drop kit

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and don't actually have an X-Runner, but I have a 5 lug. I'm very interested in the Xii Performance Drop Kit however I am not interested in notching my frame. Will I constantly hit bump stops if I don't notch with this drop? Also I occasionally haul dirt bikes and...
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    Door fitments

    I was under the impression the doors were the same but I've never tried.
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    WTB OEM Tacoma tailgate spoiler!

    Looks sooo sick! Wish I could get my hands on one. It almost looks like you planned out that paint job with that spoiler in mind! Sooo jealous.
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    Write-Up: Recessed Grill mod

    Great write up! Wish I wasn't terrified to modify my grill. =( Looks great though!
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    Any thought on the JL stealth box

    I built my own and it sounds great. I removed the plastic divider between the rear seats and mounted my box there. Works as an arm rest for the back seats and front seats can still recline all the way back!
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    C-notch, accident and insurance

    Wow that's horrible! Best of luck to you sly. I'm curious if this is the case in the US. I live in California and have been thinking of dropping my truck but not if I'll have to go through all this...
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    Recommendations on truck cover

    I also kinda like the look of the cover on the truck. Almost looks like I have a tonneau.
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    remount front plate??

    That's cool. I wish they didn't drill into my bumper from the dealer. =(
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    What exhaust exit looks the best.

    I like #3 the best as well. Something just looks slightly off though. I'm not sure if it's the photo shop, or if it's the actual placement.
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    Seat belt cleaning

    A buddy of mine soaked his seatbelts in simple green and then washed them out and let them sit to dry. Made a pretty big difference.
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    Recommendations on truck cover

    Everyone I know including myself has gotten their covers at Cal Car Cover. The fitment is perfect and they have a great warranty. I would recommend the Stormweave. I think their website is
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    Hurt my X, need advice!

    I don't think I would use gasoline. If the clear coat is scuffed up you will need to do some sort of wet sanding and polishing to bring back the shine.
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    001 Limited edition sunroof X!!! *pics*

    Coming from a car with a sunroof. I really wish this was an OEM option. Great work! :top:
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    Eyelids/Windoe visors

    So sickkkk
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    Ford Dealer Techs Abuse Mustang While Knowingly Being Recorded.

    Wow that's crazy... Makes me wonder what my truck has gone through on it's dealer services!
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    what kind of phone do you have?

    I'm rocking the iPhone 5s. Looking to get the 6 or maybe the new HTC. I've been an iPhone guy for a while now so I don't know how I feel about switching to the HTC.