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  1. Ccaruolo


    never said it was viable all i said is it was an option outside of hardwiring an EMS. To some the option of a plug an plug tuner might out weight the power gains to cost ratio. But im glad everyone is jumping down my throat for defending the bullydog. Until Dezord or URD creates an option of...
  2. Ccaruolo

    Custom Sub Box???

    Take a look in my build thread and many others, the "SubX enclosure" plenty of people have replicated them, i also covered the hole left by the stock sub with 3m carbon fiber wrap.
  3. Ccaruolo


    The whole point is even with its minimal gains it gives 09+ owners a tuning option outside of hardwiring in a EMS. Glad you have an 08 congrats on that.
  4. Ccaruolo


    URD isn't an option for anyone with a 09+.
  5. Ccaruolo

    HELP! Unusual engine noise with TRD supercharged X

    Front right fender got pushed in
  6. Ccaruolo

    HELP! Unusual engine noise with TRD supercharged X

    I recently got in a little fender bender. I just picked my truck up from the collision repair center and when i dropped it off it was mechanically fine, no out of the ordinary noises just a messed up bumper. I picked it up today it sounds terrible. Here is a link to the video i took of it...
  7. Ccaruolo

    SooRunner's Project...Enjoy!

    10.5 inch rim needs more 305s
  8. Ccaruolo

    URD Spec-U Long Tube Headers

    when is URD releasing their new mufflers?
  9. Ccaruolo

    searching for stock parts

    Keith hit me up player I got a shift knob with less than 1k miles on it you can have for the cost of shipping
  10. Ccaruolo

    Ccaruolo 2011 BR

    Well finally got all the NST supercharger pullies in, still running a little rich but definitely can feel the difference. Also changed the transmission oil to royal purple, night and day difference. Currently the AFRs are running around 9.7-10.0 at WOT and low to mid 11s at low rpms. Pushing...
  11. Ccaruolo

    Gas mileage

    28 god damn!!
  12. Ccaruolo

    headers install/CEL

    Long tubes delete your front cats. The urd O2 sims the back cats if you're running a aftermarket y pipe with no cats. Those codes are popping for the deleted cats.
  13. Ccaruolo

    Speakers on a 2012 X-runner

    My entire cab is sound deafened, but there is pictures in my build thread of my audio set up
  14. Ccaruolo

    Speakers on a 2012 X-runner

    I cut holes and put speakers in the rear door panels on my 2011, put the amps under the driver and passenger seats.
  15. Ccaruolo

    DTLT's installed

    I got the DTLT and love them, they were an awesome upgrade really makes the truck sound badass
  16. Ccaruolo

    Need UCON asap

    Shouldn't take you more then a weekend to install
  17. Ccaruolo

    2014 F-150 Tremor

    5300 lbs haha body roll for days
  18. Ccaruolo

    BSP las vegas

    Saw a BSP yesterday on the 215, had a bug deflector on the hood and what looked like a Gaylord speedster tonneau cover, you were behind me and got off aliante parkway anyone on here?
  19. Ccaruolo

    Ccaruolo 2011 BR

    Work here isn't too busy, trying to get the truck running better before I track it again, curious to see how the truck runs with the new tires and the blower!
  20. Ccaruolo

    Ccaruolo 2011 BR

    Thanks Kevin! Got the pullies hopefully this will lean me out some.
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