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    Are these legit?

    Thanks Thanks! For some reason I'm having a time finding a set
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    Stock rims and tires

    I'm still interested
  3. B

    Are these legit?

    So are they ok to use? Are they junk? Thanks
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    Are these legit?

    http://shop.wheelsrims.net/2007-toyota-tacoma_pickup_2wd/18_x_8_alloy_wheel-aly69460u20.html Why so cheap?
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    Stock rims and tires

    I'm interested! I also have a kenwood DVD in dash with Bluetooth if interested! Do you have pics of the rims?
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    ever see an x flex?

    Wow! That's a ton of subs! How much juice do you have on the?
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    Amp Wiring Kit

    4 gauge is all the power you will need, they can handle about 1500watts rms
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    Found this amp rack on craigslist

    Yeah, looks gay, put under the seat!
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    Audio for Noobs. (my 09)

    Go to your local audio shop and hang out, you'll get the idea
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    New Speaker Box

    Wow, that looks awesome, how's the sound?
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    Which amp wiring kit to buy

    Ebay has some good ones, even walmart has some
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    anyone make or have an under the seat sub?

    Not a fan of those kicker subs, they don't hit hard enough, still work good though
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    09+ Sub Options

    Wow, looks awesome, what's in there
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    I'm Subbin and Luvin it!

    Haha, love it, is that an old solobaric
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    Tacoma Dbl Cab Sub Setup....Lets See 'Em

    How do those stealth boxes sound? Do they hit as hard as jl in regular boxes?
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    Its about to get loud

    That's gonna knock, I love jl
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    Installed my door speakers. Wow!!!

    Toyota and nissan suck for stereo installs, I worked in car audio for years and this 2 were the worst
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    Installed some new speakers!

    Clean install, how is the sound? How do you like the speakers!
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    where did you hide your wires?

    Grommets and Beauty boards, looks good though
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    Black interior carpet

    I have gray and it is a pain!
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