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  1. hottacoX

    WTB: X-Brace

    I'm here I'm here. I mean I was MIA but did ya have to send dogs, dogs man dogs!! Haha thanks Bill and Matt did reach out, I do still have whatcha need and will get er shipped to ya! I've sent a PM to your inbox. Thanks a ton for being patient, if the shoe was on the other foot I would have...
  2. hottacoX

    WTB: X-Brace

    Don't ask why but I have one, was powder coated red. I'll snap a pic and post. Downside is I'm in Canada but throw me say $25 + ship I'll box er up and send it your way
  3. hottacoX

    Swapping lowering springs for stock

    I aim to please;) Sent you a text oldncapilot
  4. hottacoX

    Swapping lowering springs for stock

    I have stock springs with 25k miles in them, you pay shipping and they are yours, then ship the SS springs to NHXRUNNER, unless you find something more local.
  5. hottacoX

    URD MKIII stage 3 S/C for sale

    Sold awaiting payment to clear PayPal
  6. hottacoX

    Tacoma 4 Piston Caliper with ISF 345mm Rotor Bracket

    I've got stoptech st40 caliper for a 1st gen tundra that I would let go for super cheap if anyone was interested in making a bracket for them to work on an X
  7. hottacoX

    URD MKIII stage 3 S/C for sale

    Pm replied
  8. hottacoX

    URD MKIII stage 3 S/C for sale

    Thanks man! I'm hoping we can make it back to a XFE at some point. Just gotta stop make'n people...
  9. hottacoX

    URD MKIII stage 3 S/C for sale

    It could just need to splice some wires in your still new rig....
  10. hottacoX

    URD MKIII stage 3 S/C for sale

    kit has 5k miles on it and is complete with everything minus a fuel pump. Was holding onto it to hopefully put on a new truck or T4R but those dreams are slipping away. $4300 plus shipping and I will part ways. HMU for more pics or any questions. Cheers guys miss this family!
  11. hottacoX

    Tailgate handle with back up camera

    Fishsticks it's yours if your still interested.
  12. hottacoX

    Gauge power source

    I daisy chained all my gauges off that with the exception of the Widenand sensor, I put it on its own deadicated fuse.
  13. hottacoX

    Gauge power source

    I used the add a circuit off the rear window fuse since our trucks don't need em
  14. hottacoX

    Tailgate handle with back up camera

    i have a factory handle and camera, brand new never installed. Comes with the factory harness to run through the tailgate, after that you'll need your own to run up the drivers rail under the seat gromet. $175 will get it shipped to you
  15. hottacoX

    20x10.5 +30 front and rear

    Way to be passive aggressive there bud! This is the problem with Twitter, don't hide behind a hashtag say what you mean and mean what you say! STRETCHED TIRES ARE ASININE ON A SPORT TRUCK!!:adore::canada:
  16. hottacoX

    Aftermarket sway bars

    Not the front but here's the back, if you want a pic of the XII front I can do that, no longer have a stock front to take...
  17. hottacoX

    X1 Rev Limiter Question

    keep roll'n them dice... lets say 6300 = rods 6200 = ring lands..... :ahhhhh:
  18. hottacoX

    Retrofit Complete

    Yardie I've got a pretty decent set of spare fogs for $40 plus shipping... Nice work on the retrofit! When are ya getting another XR?
  19. hottacoX

    Cams? "Mostsouthernx""BALBOA"

    I see a lot of new members in here so they may not know my story and I haven't posted much as of late because I was so pissed at the bath I took trying to build a 1gr... After spending just shy of 9k to do so, it failed NA.... I support whitebeauty's post 100% DONT BUILD A 1GR! URD SC and simple...
  20. hottacoX

    Front sway bar

    Those were the sways imagine what the POS Toyota frame looked like:lloyd: Some fresh powder will make em better than new
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