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  1. rennurx

    Don't be a fool like me

    Don't buy your guns. Build them. Then you don't need serial numbers
  2. rennurx

    NOTICE X-Fest 2016 - Lake Harmony, PA - Sep 23-25

    I'm gonna throw my xrunner badge on my s10, I don't think they will notice.
  3. rennurx

    DoubllD's Juggernaut Build

    Haha yes! That looks killer! And of course , love the purple! Lol.
  4. rennurx

    DoubllD's Juggernaut Build

    Only reason I come here anymore is to see this thread lmao. Last few times I checked it was a let down haha
  5. rennurx

    DoubllD's Juggernaut Build

    .... ......... .............
  6. rennurx

    2jz swap/5.7iforce swap

    That's one bad ass swap !!
  7. rennurx

    BMWtech's Turbo Build

    When's the dyno
  8. rennurx

    BMWtech's Turbo Build

    They are perfectly fine! :top:
  9. rennurx

    BMWtech's Turbo Build

    If I didn't know any better I'd think this was my truck Looking good! With light trimming of the rad support the ic pipe will fit perfectly behind the headlights
  10. rennurx

    BMWtech's Turbo Build

    DO NOT ADD CAM GEARS WITH TURBO. G will tell you to take them out before tuning.
  11. rennurx

    BMWtech's Turbo Build

    If you want i think my buddy still has all the parts for the intake I was gonna make, I can finish it for ya. It would be a one and only so any testing you would have to do, But it uses velocity stacks and short runners, so more low end tq and let the turbo handle the top end! I wanted to...
  12. rennurx

    BMWtech's Turbo Build

    Figure out a plan for a new intake manifold and don't let anyone tell you otherwise..
  13. rennurx

    Biggest Tire Size Without Rubbing

    Front, 255 35 20, offset 15, 20x9. Rear 315 35 20, offset 20, 20x10. 2" drop. No rubbing.
  14. rennurx

    Turbo questions

    Much cleaner and cheaper install IMO and u can have filtered oil or unfiltered depending which one.
  15. rennurx

    Turbo questions

    Ones before the filter and one is after.
  16. rennurx

    Turbo questions

    U don't have to move the sensor. There are one or two bolt holes that I'm talking about. U less that's what u mean lol..
  17. rennurx

    complete turbo kit!

    Did it sell yet?
  18. rennurx

    Turbo questions

    You can actually remove a bolt from the oil filter housing and tap ur turbo oil line right from there.. Its a pressure line. I believe for the factory oil coolers.. Been awhile since I looked at it..
  19. rennurx

    Moving to PA

    Not real familiar with those areas. I'm about 30-45 min south of Allentown.
  20. rennurx

    Replacement synchronizers?

    Mine was perfect after the rebuild, G. Even held my power. Stock parts replacement. But still seemed better
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