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  1. motoxx199

    2008 swb xr

    my other truck is finished And I have my XP900 razor
  2. motoxx199

    2008 swb xr

    just traded in My xrunner for a 2007 powerstroke F-350 King Ranch
  3. motoxx199

    2008 swb xr

    everything that's on the truck will go with it even the brand new tires and wheels. sorry its not letting me post photos right now but I have quite a few in my profile.
  4. motoxx199

    your motorcycle

    going to pick up my new toy this weekend *2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100s
  5. motoxx199

    Show Me Your Rims

    Looks really good man
  6. motoxx199

    Look what I found

    I'm going to call them first thing in the morning and place my order also
  7. motoxx199

    Look what I found

  8. motoxx199

    Look what I found

    Searching the Internet for a while and I ran across this website and they said they have them in stock.
  9. motoxx199

    XRU License Plate frames

    I want one also
  10. motoxx199

    Parting out the x, sad day

    Do you still have the Y-Pipe
  11. motoxx199

    New to the truck world

    Welcome to XRU :rockon:
  12. motoxx199

    Sanibel island meet

    Let's get some more people in on this meet. When:April 26 and or 27 Where: sonic 320 Winchester Park Blvd Boynton Beach, FL 33436
  13. motoxx199

    Show Me Your Rims

    Cosmis Racing wheels Front 18x9 +25 Rear 18x10 +20
  14. motoxx199

    Newbie in Florida

    Welcome to the underground
  15. motoxx199

    Another new member

    Welcome to the underground
  16. motoxx199

    Buy a truck

    Is that what they're doing I used to see people every Saturday going down the 10 towards Tucson I always wondered what they were doing with all that stuff in the back of their truck. It's crazy how much stuff they can fit in there.
  17. motoxx199

    Buy a truck

    Some people just need to buy a truck in the first place. How many times do you see something like this going down the road
  18. motoxx199

    Any thought on the JL stealth box

    They sound really good but I just can't see spending $600 on one.
  19. motoxx199

    TTC cams and ucon

    Thanks man I appreciate the good advice. I have another question for you I do not have much experience with tuning how difficult is it to tune the ucon
  20. motoxx199

    TTC cams and ucon

    Okay well I've been kicking the idea around for a little while for a little bit more performance. I was looking at The ucon Since I have to do the cam gears thought I might as well do the TTC performance cams. Just thought I would get everyone's input on this
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