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  1. Super Werty

    Torspd: NEVR

    any updates Mark?
  2. Super Werty

    Prado URD Kit Transmission Valve Body Upgrade

    When I did it I measured everything that had poured/dripped out and put the same amount back in. (It was 2 gallons) Never had one issue with it. That was 5 or 6 years ago
  3. Super Werty

    Prado URD Kit Transmission Valve Body Upgrade

    everything you need to know about the install https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1XdzmjdsPo&spfreload=10
  4. Super Werty

    Torspd: NEVR

    needs an update!
  5. Super Werty

    Odd Catch Can / TRD S/C Behavior?

    sounds like you just bought some cheap line the first time.
  6. Super Werty

    4 liter turbo mustang

    Higher power as in how much? I would argue the IRS it came with is fully capable of handling tons of power. but..that wasn't the argument anyways, my point is that the 03-04 cobra is one of the best muscle cars ever made and it had IRS. Plenty of idiots on the road. IRS or SRA...doesnt...
  7. Super Werty

    4 liter turbo mustang

    Tell that to the Terminator...
  8. Super Werty

    cat back-transferable to a 4x4???

    depends. if he has a double cab long bed it won't work. otherwise it will work
  9. Super Werty

    Torspd: NEVR

    a very expensive coffee table:laugh:
  10. Super Werty

    1GR Came Unglued

    I suggest using the UCON next time
  11. Super Werty

    Torspd: NEVR

    Whats with the new plastic strainer/pick up?
  12. Super Werty

    Toasted ringland..

    So what caused it to fail in the first place?
  13. Super Werty

    Stripped oil pan plug

    yea but how do you know there isnt one piece hanging on that will break off later. Why chance it? Just do it right the first time
  14. Super Werty

    Stripped oil pan plug

    getting a new pan and bolt. It's probably under $50....way cheaper than a new engine:top:
  15. Super Werty

    URD Spec-U Exhaust

    Any pictures of this equal Y or catback yet?
  16. Super Werty

    Stripped oil pan plug

    You probably pushed metal shards up into the pan when you did this. :ahhhhh:
  17. Super Werty

    The Strokin' it Build. Oppa Gungnam Style

    lol:laugh: doyouevenliftbro?
  18. Super Werty

    trippin code - p0016

    make sure UCON is all clicked in. And make sure all connectors are clicked in on all the various sensors on the engine! Cant believe you just now installed it lol, its been a year!
  19. Super Werty

    Track day PDX at Charlotte motor speedway video

    Looks like a fast track! What was your top speed on those banks?
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