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    Seen 2 at cruisin the coast 10-12-13,bsp and a swb

    I was on the coast last Saturday nite at cruisin the coast 10-12-13,and seen that my x was not the only one down there a seen bsp with black rims and a swb with rims like mine(black with polished lip).
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    1" blocks on monos?

    Mono leafs are not safe,plus You may mess up your rear end had a s-10 one leaf broke had to replace the rear end because of it.
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    newbie here

    Welcome to xru
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    New XR Member

    Welcome to xru
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    Clay bar and waxed

    Ya I know what you mean I hate speed bumps,my trans. Crossmember always scrapes there are times I've almost got hung on them .
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    Bsp at chain electric in hattiesburg ms

    Changed a lot Ok ,that should be a good job,I was in the big brown truck delivering a box to them last time I seen your truck It was at a car show at the grand theater I think it had stock rims painted lime green,im I right? Are was that someone else ?
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    Bsp at chain electric in hattiesburg ms

    The x I seen had a olive flat green hood and rims had a lot stickers on the back window and a bumper sticker that said how's my drifting it was on west pine street in hattiesburg
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    Calling all transmission issues on Xrunner

    I found a company that does only standard trans. they have a rebuilt tran. with a 2 year warranty unlimited mileage for $1475 that's the best deal I've found yet. www.Manual-transmission.com ,in Tallahassee Florida.
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    Scrapin the coast 2013

    Well I still plan on going saturday,but won't be in my xr because my trans. so most likely be in my brothers z71,but still hope to see some xr's down their .
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    Calling all transmission issues on Xrunner

    Well now my transmission is Jamed in gear,I took it apart thought I had it fixed so I put it back together was shifting it and it Jamed in gear so now I'm gone to take it somewhere and let them fix it, has anybody ever had any luck on getting there transmission rebuilt?
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    Scrapin the coast 2013

    So,anybody plan on going I'm about 1 1/2 hr. away ,the dates are jun.21,22,23 2013 I'm planning on going saturday the 22nd ,so hit me up if your going we can meet up call,text,or message me 601-498-4782 texting is best,Steven.
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    Calling all transmission issues on Xrunner

    Well one transmission shop told me if I take it out and bring it to them it would be $425 plus parts with a 90day warranty then the clutch is about $350 ,so about $1000 with me taking it out and putting back in .
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    Calling all transmission issues on Xrunner

    yea havnt decided what to do yet,rebuild or replace it,I would like to do the t56 swap but that's like 5 grand.
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    Not shifting smoothly into gears

    Mine has 3rd gear only started today ,no reverse,2nd,4th,5th,or6th just 3rd and neutral shifting is super loose so I removed shiter and it looked fine so I drained fluid and it looked good and clutch is good but only 3rd will engage,any ideals??
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    Calling all transmission issues on Xrunner

    Nope not that ,my shifter is super loose so I toke it out,it looks good fixing to drain fluid to see if and how much metal is in it .
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    Calling all transmission issues on Xrunner

    well today my trans. messed up,I only have 3rd gear no reverse,1st,2nd,4th,5th,or 6th,has anybody ever had this problem ,i can still drive it but its not good on it just having 3rd gear like 3000rpms at 50mph
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    What do you do for a living?

    Ups ,preloader/cover driver
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    Just tinted fogs what you guys think?

    Looks good I did mine like that a few months back but I did mine to dark not much light shines though but I haven't change them to hids yet
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    NOTICE XRU mourns the loss of John/Murderface

    R.i.p John,my prayers go out for his family,very sad day
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