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  1. C

    shift knob fitment

    That looks sick, where did u get the vinyl?
  2. C

    My TRD photoshoot

    ur truck looks amazing. i really like the steering wheel though.
  3. C

    X Wins 1st Place at Car Show

    congrats on the win.
  4. C

    Girlfriend photoshoot #2

    i love the wheels bro, looks nice.
  5. C

    White X-Runner from Maui

    ive always like how the white looks.
  6. C

    Both of my X's

    shit man, the both look amazing.
  7. C

    Tha N/A bolt-on build

    that looks sick man, good work.
  8. C

    Clean BSP

    i got the same problem on the same headlight. i might just take it off and reseal the bitch.
  9. C

    So this is what an X can do!!!

    oh wow, I've packed mine but not like that.
  10. C

    GraY X

    your X looks sick, i like the color.
  11. C

    Pics of my Regular Cab XRunner Clone.

    they look pretty nice.
  12. C

    Pictures of the Xrunner I just picked up

    congrats on ur new truck. you will enjoy.
  13. C

    Another murdered X...

    clean X. but the wheels are fire.
  14. C

    Show Off Your XR/RC

    where u guys get them at?
  15. C

    Official: SWB X Pic Thread

    not a big fan on stripes, but your X with the stripes look nice.
  16. C

    August 2013 : Canadian Girl's 2007 SWB

    Looks good. Nice to see girls are in to xrunners.
  17. C

    Installed my door speakers. Wow!!!

    So if I install aftermarket speakers I need to replace wire???
  18. C

    Completely new audio package

    That's amazing nice work.
  19. C

    stereo control question...steering wheel

    That's a ? I had too. Now I know where to look. Thnx
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