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  1. XRobber

    Wanna trade seats with me??

    Daytona?! Im in Palm coast. Very close!
  2. XRobber

    parts for sale B&M shifter, coilovers, URD intake, etc...

    Im still interested in those seat covers.....
  3. XRobber

    parts for sale B&M shifter, coilovers, URD intake, etc...

    Can't PM you Tatoomaker - your box is full.
  4. XRobber

    Anyone use rear Air Shocks?

    I am running MA777 as well. just enough air in them to not raise the rear end, but to keep from bottoming out with my 2" blocks. works great. Works really well when I load up the bed and put some more air... or tow...
  5. XRobber

    Which Short Shifter??

    yeah Gadget - it is the one I am running nowadays too... it's really nice. URD needs to make something like this!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Core-Hurst-short-throw-shifter-2005-2015-Toyota-Tacoma-V6-6-speed-RA60-4wd-/281803655275?hash=item419cce886b&vxp=mtr
  6. XRobber

    Let's connect old owners with new owners!! Post the last 5 of your vin!

    2005 BSP - Sold, Last 5 of vin 33912 2006 BSP - Current, Last 5 of vin 81132
  7. XRobber

    New Member Greetings!

    Post Pics!!!!!
  8. XRobber

    Shift Knobs

    B&M Weighted T handle
  9. XRobber

    parts for sale B&M shifter, coilovers, URD intake, etc...

    If you decide to go $150 shipped for the intake and MAF extention I will do it. I dont need the heat shield.
  10. XRobber

    parts for sale B&M shifter, coilovers, URD intake, etc...

    Is that the best price shipped on the intake? It is $40 more brand new.
  11. XRobber

    Whos truck is this???

  12. XRobber

    Which Short Shifter??

    Yeah once I hit 88MPH. I am gone!! lol Nah - yeah it works fine ... two USB ports, one is higher amp for faster charging.... and it lights up bright when you turn on the LEDs in it :)
  13. XRobber

    Which Short Shifter??

    LOL yeah - Wife got it for me.... neat little thing.
  14. XRobber

    Which Short Shifter??

    Hurst baby!!
  15. XRobber

    URD Short Shifter

  16. XRobber

    Which Short Shifter??

    when I said "short" I meant shortest throw.... and I did think about doing the coupe mod... after all i have two factory shifters sitting here on my workbench... but I am from the old school, and the thought of a hurst shifter intrigued me....after purchasing the shifter, new T handle (knob it...
  17. XRobber

    Which Short Shifter??

    I just got the Core/hurst shifter. I have ran URD in the past. the URD short shifter was nice, I cant really complain about it.. BUT the Hurst shifter (solid shaft) is shorter throws, and the sponginess from the damn bushing in the shaft of the factory shifter is gone!! I love it.. will not...
  18. XRobber

    URD Short Shifter

    FS: URD S/S kit $80 Shipped - Continental U.S. Nothing wrong with it. I went a different route.
  19. XRobber

    Just ordered these bad boys!

    Looks good!! I hear ya on the FL heat. I am up in Palm coast.... about 20 mins from you.
  20. XRobber

    Anyone have a stock shifter assembly?

    Anyone replace their shifter with a TRD or B&M one back in the day? Or you just have an extra stock shifter arm/lever assembly? Please Message me!
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