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  1. Gadget

    Bump Steer Kits

    The way your rear shocks mount to the axle is double shear meaning the bolt is supported on both sides. The bolt it not going to snap off. With the way a tall bolt is being used with spacers is put a lot of shear force on the bolt where it enters the knuckle. Much more likely to bend or snap...
  2. Gadget

    Bump Steer Kits

    Looks like a single shear setup. Not good for a steering system.
  3. Gadget

    Clutch upgrade

    For the XRunner I would suggest this clutch: https://urdusa.com/spec-clutch-stage-2-1gr-fe-4-0l-v6-w6-speed-transmission-2/
  4. Gadget

    2022 Update

    Very nice!
  5. Gadget

    HRE Wheels/Tires for Sale!

    Sorry the price is $1500
  6. Gadget

    HRE Wheels/Tires for Sale!

    I bought these super nice HRE wheels from a member here some time ago. They are super nice HRE wheels. I never installed them and it is time for them to be one some XR somewhere. Asking $1000 and it would be best for some kind of local pickup. They are located in Owings MD. Here is the...
  7. Gadget

    X-FEST 2022 9/30 - 10/2

    I cannot find the original for sale thread where I bought them. Anyone know where went?
  8. Gadget

    X-FEST 2022 9/30 - 10/2

    Anyone want those HRE wheels and tires?
  9. Gadget

    X-FEST 2022 9/30 - 10/2

    Put some presser on Yardi Poole, and Klint. They can at least show up for a day.
  10. Gadget

    X-FEST 2022 9/30 - 10/2

    Sign me up!
  11. Gadget

    One of our original members has left the chat....

    Just got news that one of our original members, David Breham (Dunn) passed away earlier this month. I do not have any other info to offer. I can say I considered him a friend and it was always awesome to have him at meets and functions. I will certainly miss him.
  12. Gadget

    Converting to 2012 front end

    Thanks!! The info I was looking for. Now to make the big decision..... Does anyone have a VIN for a 2012 or later XRunner? That will help my dealer look up the parts needed.
  13. Gadget

    Converting to 2012 front end

    When I had my XRunner out in California it got all chipped up and decided to have the front end repainted. Looked like this for a long time, but last Winter the paint on the redone parts started to flake and just looks like crap now. So, I have been trying to get a painter to redo the front...
  14. Gadget

    Octane as it pertains to engine performance

    This is a great question. I wondered how the different octanes would work on my XRunner shortly after I got it. Still stock. I was making a regular trip from Southern MD to a place in NJ. So great time to do octane MPG testing. I always took the same route about the same time a day and got...
  15. Gadget

    X-FEST 2021 - Here we go again!

    Welcome to the UNDERGROUND!
  16. Gadget

    X-Runner in japan

  17. Gadget

    Anyone still around?

    XFest should be coming up soon!!
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