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    URD MKII supercharger $2500

    if you still have this in a year ill buy it haha. transferring out the military right now and cant be doing this, even though i really want to
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    back in a X

    i had it on right around a year. held up great. YOU HAVE TO KEEP IT CLEAN. i think i went 2weeks without washing it and it started to turn dark white from the dirt settling on it. unless you sit there and pick at it or hit it consistantly in one spot with a pressure washer it isnt coming up.
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    2012 X-runner Roll Call

    picked up a 2012 black X saturday to upgrade from my 05 swb. noticed there isnt alot out for our gen yet or is this me not digging enough
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    back in a X

    I loved it. Mostly cause i love white vehicles. I did it when dipyourcar first came out with the gallons and the original Wagner spray gun. It took awhile getting it off and multiple jugs of 100% citrus degreaser, but it came off. Im sure it was because it was the first couple batches of...
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    back in a X

    Hey guys, been apart of the forum for awhile, back when i had my 05 X. Was Swb and dipped it to a flat white. Now i picked up a 2012 black all stock for 22k. Ready to get at it when i warms up!
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    2012 black xrunner

    Alright guys, ive been looking for a xrunner again and ive found one. 2012 with 33k on it, all stock. I have to make a 5hr drive to get it but ive gotten the dealer down to $22k. Worth it ?(i kind of know the answer) just making sure before i bite the bullet
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    looking for another X

    I found one. 09 bsp supercharged with 50k miles. But he wants 20k. Not looking to spend that and he wont answer his phone. Its sucks looking again. I found 2 RR but i dont want RR haha.
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    looking for another X

    Regret selling my X and now in the market for another. Swb or bsp will do just fine! Let me know guys.
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    For Sale 2008 BSP 53,000 Miles Tri-State

    Check your inbox
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    rims. sub/amp, single din head unit

    ...hmmm. works for me... ok ill have him get on here and do it. sorry for the delay!
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    rims. sub/amp, single din head unit

    hey guys. been awhile. i sold my truck before i went out to sea for 10months. finally getting around to putting this stuff up for sale. you can either email me at seffencr@cvn75.navy.mil and ill get in touch with my buddy who is holding this for me or you can email him at...
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    05 swb

    http://norfolk.craigslist.org/cto/3942682278.html My truck for sale
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    not even 10k miles......

    I used the sleeve from urd...... Im thinking maybe the set screws are backing out?!?
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    not even 10k miles......

    I replaced the TOB not even 10000 miles ago. Now its making more noise then the first one. Sorry guys. I cannot wait to get rid of this truck next month. Also sorry for the rant. Just pissed things are breaking right as im getting ready to sell. Never fails.
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    one off 05 1000rr

    Haha where are you at?
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    one off 05 1000rr

    Good call. Updated
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    highlighter wheels?

    Dipyourcar.com has cans of yellow. Very bright vibrant color
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    one off 05 1000rr

    Wow!!! Im sorry guys I thought I put one up... Would like 7200obo. Comes with front n rear stands and SnS jacket.
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    one off 05 1000rr

    7577081781 Would like 7200obo Comes with front n rear stand And small SnS jacket. Bike has 6112miles. Perfect condition. One of a kind. The bike was a track bike by previous owner. So the track fairings were taken off n sold. I designed these and got them painted. D3 limited edt grips. All...
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    blend door actuator

    Why? Expensive? Removal and install was simple
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