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  1. Prise

    SS mono leaf springs -Cheap

    I’m on it!! I’ve got a buddy in Portland that works for Milwaukee!!!! Gonna contact him now and see if he can hook it up!! I can Venmo you once I can confirm he can meet up with you.
  2. Prise

    The Ambellina Build

    A lot of work to do, just had to lay it all out there.
  3. Prise

    Anyone still around?

    Hahahaha holy shit that’s me in the Coheed and Cambria shirt. I sold the red 06 X I had and now have a blue 07.
  4. Prise

    X-Runner in japan

    Damn!! That’s a nice truck right there with all the rare goodies!!
  5. Prise

    Anyone still around?

    Funny enough Facebook just reminded me that was 7 years ago today!!
  6. Prise

    The Ambellina Build

    Yes Sir! A member here @Coupe makes them and has one left I believe.
  7. Prise

    The Ambellina Build

    Ain’t that the truth!! I’ve had his TRD SS before and it was money.
  8. Prise

    The Ambellina Build

    Got the Coupe oil pan spacer in today!
  9. Prise

    The Ambellina Build

    Thank you Sir!!
  10. Prise

    The Ambellina Build

  11. Prise

    The Ambellina Build

    Future Bits Clutch Master throw out bearing (ORDERED) URD Stage III clutch (ORDERED) Light weight Flywheel 18# instead of 31# (PARTS PILE) @Bonzen Solid Motor Mounts (ORDERED) HP Tuners XTP intake manifold spacer Strictly Street tailgate spoiler v3 w/ Gold titanium hardware @Coupe oil pan spacer...
  12. Prise

    The Ambellina Build

    Blue and Gold is the color scheme. A classic that can do no wrong. Back in the fall of 2013 I bought my first Tacoma ever for pool cleaning. I had no clue what I got myself into… also my X’s just seem to like dirt idk why. Then because of all the camping I was doing I traded it in 2015 and...
  13. Prise

    Anyone still around?

    Jason! That was it!!! I have kept in loose contact with Gio, he's had a couple nice vehicles since his X-runner. That was a good day with a lot of cool people. I am still very active in the TacomaWorld forums.
  14. Prise

    Anyone still around?

    I think we met like 6 years ago at a Tucson meet with the 4x4 guys out at like some truck stop bar I wanna say? I had a RR X then. I'm trying to remember the Tucson guy who was really cool and OG that had the Dodge hatchback after he sold his X.
  15. Prise

    Anyone still around?

    What is up I am back again with my 2nd X-runner
  16. Prise

    SOLD‼️ Rear QA1 TS703’s & Front DS502‘s w/ springs, wrenchs SOLD‼️

    WHAT about local pickup? I'm in Scottsdale by Casino Arizona
  17. Prise

    Looking for Stock wheel in Arizona

    Howdy!!! I am looking for a single stock rim to use as a full-size spare. Currently, just have a steelie for a spare and would like to have a matching one.
  18. Prise

    NST GB on Tacoma World

    Guys over there have put together a group buy with a 33% discount on just the crank or the whole kit https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/pending-trd-magnuson-4-0-supercharger-lightweight-billet-crank-pulley-live-nst-crank-dampner-gb.615779/page-40
  19. Prise

    Sponsership Announcement!!

    Fuck yeah the X finally makes it to TV
  20. Prise

    Coupe modded TRD S/S

    price drop 325 shipped
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