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    My N/A shopping list/future mods

    I installed the manifold spacer on my truck and it made a difference in my opinion. you can really tell the power curve changed and you have more torque at lower rpm's. It was a little rough getting it in there and getting the ecu to relearn after installing (my buddy may have lost an eye brow...
  2. L

    Traded in the X-Runner

    Absolutely amazing trade in my opinion! Although, I think the coin really landed to get rid of the kids hahahaha! Got to keep the family safe though so i understand where you're coming from. New truck looks amazing! just need to get rid of that chrome, just saying.
  3. L

    XR and Motorcycles

    These are my two babies. The FZ never sees rain and only comes out on a nice day, or when I'm low on fuel in the truck hahaha
  4. L

    Tailgate Spoiler Pictures

    did you get the race spoiler?
  5. L

    Tailgate Spoiler Pictures

    Well I went and got one this weekend and did the install. Real quick and easy install, practically effortless. Looks great! Can feel a difference driving at different speeds. Will post pictures when i get a chance to take some lol
  6. L

    LS2 swap

    ....hmmmm...... :ohsnap:
  7. L

    Bad weather....good photo op

    WICKED!!!!! :rockon:
  8. L

    LS2 swap

    im sure that 2jz would be a pain to fit! just imagine how long that inline 6 block is compared to the 1GR.
  9. L

    Tailgate Spoiler Pictures

    not one to do the threaded rivets, i've been preoccupied/lazy hahaha
  10. L

    Tailgate Spoiler Pictures

    Which is the reason why i haven't installed mine and posted pictures yet lol
  11. L

    Aluminum Tailgate Spoiler - GB Ended

    sure can, will take some tonight after work.
  12. L

    Sittin Sic Drop Coils and composite leafs

    can you take some pictures?
  13. L

    Aluminum Tailgate Spoiler - GB Ended

    showed up yesterday morning. picking up the last tool i need for installation today.
  14. L

    Method Race Wheel - Roost: redrill to fit?

    if it was me, I would use adapters. Re-drilling on wheels just sounds like to many variables to go wrong in my head. Also it leaves you with a better chance of resale down the road if you need to get rid of them.
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    Found on Craigslist

    I noticed that as well lol. It might just be me, but do the pictures seem to be altered to anyone else? The paint just seems off in my opinion.
  16. L

    Found on Craigslist

    from what I saw in the add, it looks like a truck that would have belonged on the forum at one point.
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    Found on Craigslist

  18. L

    Aluminum Tailgate Spoiler - GB Ended

    payment sent with mailing information.
  19. L

    Unique and one of a kind xrunner

    well so far those two have been his only posts
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    CEL 2238

    You got another one and it fixed that problem?
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