AVIC-6100nex parking brake/GPS


AVIC-6100nex parking brake/GPS antenna

I'm in the process of wiring this sucker up...

Is the parking brake switch normally closed or normally opened? I would think it is normally open, and closes when you engage the parking brake...correct? If that is right then would I be able to ground the "Green* Parking Brake wire" and have DVD function operate regardless of parking brake switch position?

Also, where are you guys mounting your GPS antennas? I don't want to route the wire outside of my truck, but I don't want any radio antenna interference. I don't know how particular I have to be, this is my first time installing a unit like this one. I noticed some vehicles have them mounted on the left side of the dashpad, next to driver a-pillar and very close windshield.
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You can also find the hack on avic411.com

I have done it on all of my Pioneer systems and it works fine.


What about GPS antenna locations? I read on another thread someone stuck theirs to the bottom of the top of the dash. Any particular spot I should be looking to NOT put the antenna?


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As long as you don't put the gps antenna under any piece of metal it will be fine. Mine has always been inside the dash where there's only plastic above it.