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I ordered Caltracs for my b-day, it's next week. From me, to me. I'm going to have them installed Friday. Cuz what I really want for my birthday is no more wheel hop! I will document the process, then do a hole shot video to see how she does.


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Thanks. They come already done. There is a core charge, I have to send mine back so the next guy gets his ready to go. They are bolt on.
I have them too and they are nice. Ground clearance kinda sucks and make sure to keep them tight as they will loosen up overtime. Other than that they are really nice and wheel hop goes to zero and that's including launching with the URD mk3 stage 3 setup.

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What is the part number for these.
What did u put for housing type and shock location?

Please add pics after install........
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So I took her down to Wild West Rods and customs here in Tucson. Here we go, up on the lift.


Front bearing coming out. They used a c-clamp, a socket, and an impact. Sucker popped right out.

Same method new bearing going in.


The brackets on ready for the bars.

Finished product.

So I took it out in the alley and roasted the tires. No hop at all they just spin till I hit the rev limiter. Coming home she is a little stiff. I don't know what they set it at, 1/2 or 1/4. The rear end is rigid. So I'll get a burn out video together and post it up.


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So I called Calvert and they said it shouldn't be that stiff. So I called Wild West and took it back for readjust. 1/4 turn with me in the truck. Well now it is awesome! I love it! Tire fryer.