DVD/Navigation Radio pics...Lets see them


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just relocated it to one of the slots to the left of the steering wheel made a custom button face to match the stuff and the other one ive seen they had to re wire everything into an equalizer which couldnt play movies i got everything running threw the ipad all because of the kdc-994 hands on mode everything is played threw focal krx2s with krc in the rear with a custom box got type r 12 ran off a 1200w alpine v power with a couple tricks it can do. the ipad is removable has wifi because of my iphone 4 wifi hot spot everything can run off of that even netflix


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Nice interior too by the way. Heres a few of mine :top:
That looks freaking sweet, how much did all that custom work run for your interior?

i think i figured it out heres some pics
Nice iPad set up, did you mod it to turn on with keys or something? Looks like the power button would be hard to reach. I read an article about a guy that did the same setup with a nexus 7, rooted and modded so that it was on when the car was on(so he never hit any buttons).
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