forgestar f14 fitment questions

blu xr

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edit: after reading a few other posts, most offsets are in the +30 this may not work ...thoughts?

so im looking at the f14's again, this time in 19". they are of coarse concave...just wondering about the fitment.

here are the specs:


19x10.5 -5

19x11 -6

also, there are no tires so if you guys could recommend something. im currently at stock height, but plan to drop it 2"


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Backs seem ok but front seems a little aggressive. You can mount to hub without tire and lower down on block of wood.

blu xr

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thanks guys...

i would like to have them sit flush with fenders...or even stick out an 1" wouldnt bother may even look good idk?

blu xr

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Use this calculator...wheel width is very important in the calculation

thanks, i will check it out and pass it along.

so i contacted the closest forgestar rep and got some info and a quote...let me know what you guys think so i can relay it to him.

Good morning Robert,

I'd be happy to help you with the X-Runner. Always liked those trucks, and agree that the factory wheels sit too far inward. I did some research on what others have put on the truck, and I've come up with the offsets needed for front and rear. Many guys are using the same offset front and rear, due to cheaper wheels not being custom built. When they do so, it makes the rears sit more flush than the fronts. I'd set them up so that both front and rear are flush, with different offsets.

As for tires, most are staying with the 255 wide. Without having a truck to measure, I can't be certain if there is more room for that. You might try mounting up to a 275 wide tire, if your local tire shop has one in stock to check. Most just go 255/35-20 front and rear. The 20x9.5 wheel I'm suggesting can fit 255, 265, 275 tire widths.

Forgestar F14
20x9.5 front and rear
Satin Black
$1900/set + $130 shipping to TX

Build time 6-8 weeks. To order, I'll just need your full shipping address. Then I'll email a Paypal invoice to pay online with card or check.

Tony Whatley