Headers and custom Y Pipe Questions


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I currently have the JBA long tubes and have been thinking about replacing them with the new URD equal length headers. Has anyone had the JBA OR DT long tubes and then switched to URD? Worth the swap?

Also, has anyone done a custom y pipe? I can't go fully catless in PA or I won't pass inspection, so I'm just curious to hear about or see some custom y pipe jobs.


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Ehhh youll gain maybe 5 or 6hp im not sure how much jba longtubes make and you dont really have much options for a custom y pipe if you wanna keep your cats


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I guess with the headers I'm more worried about getting some of my low end back.

Of course, I do plan on getting a SC in the future, so I could just save the $600 on headers and go towards that lol


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I have had 3 different header set ups.

1. JBA short tubes w/cats.

2. Original DTLT with smaller primaries.

3. 2nd Gen DTLT with larger primaries.

I currently have an APR Y pipe with hipo cats.
This pic is before the cat install.


Without any cats, it is damn loud.

Past the Y pipe, I have the URD 3" cat back.

I will look tomorrow, if I can find a pic with the cats installed.

If you buy the URD equal lg, you can recoup some of the cost, by selling your DTLT.

At one time I had an URD y pipe with Hipo cats welded in.



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1GRracer had the larger primary DTLT's, then upgraded to the URD Spec-U headers. He noticed an immediate improvement throughout the entire rpm range. Backed up by the dyno chart gains over stock.


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I think I will be getting them at some point. Just need to figure out what I'll be doing,with the SC setup. URD or the TRD style Magnuson