New head unit.


Got the double din put in today, huge thanks to revobreaker(Lee) for not only selling me it but also helping me(I actually watched and asked a million questions) install it. First real interior mod to the truck and it's got a really killer setup. Can finally stream pandora since my aux port broke. All I can say was a fun install with kind of a bit of adventure mixed in lol.


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How much u end up paying ,cuz i wanna get somethang similar to that

He got a pretty good deal:smile:

Just glad we got it in, coulda gone a little smoother but it was a good day. Looks like a nice unit.

You have a good list of interior (and exterior) mods you want to do. Set up a mod meet and we can get some stuff done!


Yeah it looks so clean in the dash, really impressed with it tbh. Got a few good ideas from lee for the silver trim and maybe painting it blue. So kind of stoked about that.