Nitto vs Continental


I need thoughts on Nitro NT555 G2 vs Continental Extreme Contact DW

So I'm compiling my list for next year's project. I'm getting a set of Rovos Durban in black chrome. 18x9/18x10.5 The only option for black chrome is 18"s. Since BFG has stopped making the KDW I have to find a different staggered set. Both tires are similar in price and won't kill me on the cost. I only drive the XR during car show season so I'm not worried about finding a all-season.

255/45-18 front
285/40-18 rear
I know you said you don't need all season tires, but I'd definitely recommend my BFG GForce Comp2 A/S tires I put on my truck. Excellent grip, wet or dry, good ride and quiet considering the aggressive tread design. They also make a Gforce Comp2 Sport version that's probably more what you're looking for.


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I always ran nitto's on my cars :top: but gonna try something different this time around. Just ordered Yokohamas :wink:


BFG doesn't make anything in 285 40 and the tires that are large enough are track focused. A shame as BFG is my first choice followed by Toyo. There is the Goodyear Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar, but I'm not too impressed with Goodyear tires.
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I understand. I didn't realize they didn't make the size you're needing. Prior to finding the BFG's I bought, I was going to go with the Continentals myself. Good looking tire with a ton of good reviews.


285/40 keeps the diameter the same and the next size wider is a 325/35. Looking at the prices and selection for 305 or 315s it just isn't worth it. For what little I do drive her it's not worth dropping $500+ a tire for them to dry rot away.