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Got my djm Monday and now I'm in the process of planning out the notch. I'm not sure if I should just go with the djm supplied bolt in notch or have a friend make the semi circle one like this picture.

Few options

I think the djm notch will be fine and I'd add some plate to the back side of the c channel and maybe a x brace.

The semi circle I'd do would be a little bigger then the pic and I'd want to put in the djm supplied bumpstop. Backplate and brace

Or do a full weld in notch same as the djm with back plate and brace.

I've read quite a few threads here where people do not like to weld to the second gen frame but I don't have a issues with it as long as it's done but my friend or another qualified welder. Me and all of my friends weld all over our tacos . Everything is welded on.

semi circle notch



My Long Travel build

frame boxed and braced



bed cage junction


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The DJM kit notch is made for a average do it yourself and works fine. It in now way compares to well made custom one like in your pictures. The X brace is overkill for most applications. The work on the one in the pictures looks first class and plenty strong.


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K2 created a really good thread detailing the inherent strength differences of the frame with different styles of notches. From an engineering stand point. Very good thread.

Need to look for it.


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My arms are ready to go in for strip and re powdercoat. Does $250 sound about right for the job? I plan to go dark blue or black. Also stripping the blocks and maybe the djm notch plates but will not recoat the plates.


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Picking up the re powder coated arms tomorrow. Already have the rear q1's. What shocks should I use up front? I'm thinking of going like members rat7761 did by also adding the xxi coils and 4x4 rear leaf springs