Oops....I broke something

So I went to close the armrest and...snap, a spring shot out and now it's broke, please tell me this part is cheap and easy to replace :(


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Mine did the same thing and I lived with it for years because the only way to fix it is to get another armrest lid from a junkyard or something. You can't buy any part of the center console from Toyota. They sell it all as one piece for 800+ dollars. There's a thread on here somewhere about how to fix it with some little set screws, but I'm on my phone and can't search.

Here it is on tacomaworld:
Dude thank you! Its been driving me crazy for days because the lid wont stay down! I'm doing this fix this weekend, thanks for the help


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Yeah exactly, the little hooks that keep the switch from coming out wear down and this happens. It's kind of stupid though how easy it is to make cheap little plastic parts like that, yet you can't go to the dealership and buy that part.