Rays Engineering Aluminum Lug nuts - Torque Specs?


Hey guys,

So I just picked up some Rays engineering lug nuts from a friend for my Enkei's....

what should I torque the lug nuts to? Friend didn't have the manual for the lug nuts and doesn't remember how much he used to torque them to.

Or should I torque them to factory spec which is 85 ft-lbs I believe

They're 19" enkei's on a 2013 x runner.

Thanks in advance


"New Hampster"
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I always torque my lugs to 90 ft-lbs. Snug, but not so snug that I can't get them off by hand if I need to. I don't think the material of the lugs makes a difference. I just wouldn't over torque them. My guess is the softer metal would tend to strip.
I torque mines to 80ftlb and I have 20s. Do yourself a favor and put some anti seize so you don't have a hard time taking your lugnuts off in the future. I've seen so many people break their studs when they skip this step.