Single or dual AFR?

Dual or single AFR?

  • Single AFR

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  • Dual AFR

    Votes: 7 70.0%

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Single Air to fuel ratio meter

Why is it better or worse that double?


Dual Air to fuel ratio meter

Why is it better or worse than single?


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This question is for just which is the best. not what you have or are currently running.

not looking at price points or ease of installation. But what is the best.

I guess the "absolute" best thing would be to hook up an AFR to each exhaust tube and use a haltech or equivalent to actually use and process the info. ( like in super gramps)

Also dont forget to vote on what is best.


Because fast lifted truck.
No concern from price or ease? Weld a bung on each primary and run 6.

IMO... AFR meters are tuning aids, and then something to distract you on the dash. If you want a dual, buy a dual. I find 1 to plenty, especially considering you can swap it to the other bank if necessary.

The 1GR's upstream sensors are essentially widebands. You can get a lot of data off of them.


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I'm running duals cause I could see what's going on with both banks but my bank 2 reading is really weird I tune only by watching at bank 1 lol


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From my experience

It itself is cheaper, less sensors to replace if needed, less complicated readings, less hassle to install

It's cool, able to watch 2 banks

Sometimes less is more

I honestly went with dual for the cool factor :laugh:


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Personally I think double will confuse you when tuning. If you want to tune, just put one. A healthy engine should return almost identical reading on both banks. If you want to check the health of your engine, get an OBDII scanner and monitor Bank 1 and Bank 2 short term fuel trims. If they are close, then you're in good shape.