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i have a pioneer avic z2 and i just punched it and cracked the screen cuz its old, lags and freezes so not its time to invest in a new nav/dvd unit, thought id turn to u guys for some imput, any and all suggestions are welcome


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Damn that sucks but I feel your aggravation, i have the avh8400 and the DVD player glitches and the pandora app constantly glitches.
Have you considered a single din w/ tablet install? Some of the set ups I have seen look pretty sweet. If you already own a tablet you maybe able to save some money on the double din and buy a single din then spend that extra money getting your tablet to work. ??just an idea.

I seen pioneer has a new avic z130bt and also the aviv x950bh. Both had decent reviews. I don't know anyone that has one so don't take my word for it on the review side. My avh8400 is cool to me because of the detachable face. Theft deterrent.

I'm sure Justin13xxxx will chime in and be able to list a few great options for you to consider, he always has great car audio info. Gl man.