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Whats up guys,

its time to buy some new tires. Im currently running 285/35/19' BFG TA KDWs.

Theres a shop that has a great deal for all 4 tires but the manufactured date is from the year 2013.

Do you guys recommend getting those tires if the price is good? I daily drive my truck from work, school etc. Never track my truck or race.

What do you guys think?


x-runner kid

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As long as they were stored inside and there is no sun damage or dry rot you should be just fine. Do a good visual of them and check for cracks and things.


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2013 is fine. I think tire shops will not install tires if they're over 7 years old. Those are less than 3. 3 years is nothing for tires as long as they're not dry rotted.


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Date codes are 4 didgets first two are the week second two are year. A late in the year week date is a newer tire. still a 2013 tire Is not bad. It makes a bigger difference in the summer performance type than a all season. The softer the compound is the more important that the tires are newer build dates.