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Vendor Forums Information


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Jan 14, 2007
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This is intended to clarify to everyone the way the the vendor forums currently operate:

Who owns the vendor forum space?
XRU owns every part of the site, however vendor forums are "leased" to the respective vendors based on their subscription with XRU. That being said, vendors are given the ability to "moderate" their forum as they see fit. If threads/posts disappear, it is almost always done by the vendor rather than the XRU staff.

Are forum rules in effect in the vendor forums?
Yes, the XRU forum rules override the leasing of the vendor space and any content posted within them. The XRU staff will intervene as necessary to adjust/remove any content that violates the XRU rules.

What can vendors do within their space?
Vendors can post/adjust/remove any content they like as long as it does not violate certain XRU forum rules (posting pronography, etc). Keep in mind they can also remove any content they want within their forum, even if that removed content does not violate any XRU forum rules.

Why would a vendor forum disappear?
Vendors pay a monthly subscription (most of them month to month). It is up to each individual vendor to choose whether or not to continue paying the subscription and keeping their forum open. If the forum disappears, it is likely due to the individual vendor stopping their subscription.

What if I don't get my products from a vendor?
XRU does not have any involvement in actual transactions from vendors; the forums are simply meant as an "outlet" to promote products and encourage sales. No transactions actually take place through the forum, so we cannot take any liability for any part of their sales/service.

I thought since the vendor was on here it meant they're great and I'll get my stuff right away?
Similarly to the last answer, we unfortunately cannot make any guarantee in regards to that. Vendors that have been on the site for an extended period of time should be pretty reputable, but it's always up to the buyer to do research (via these forums or otherwise) to make sure they are making a wise purchase.

Who do i contact with vendor questions or to setup a vendor account?
You should contact NHXRUNNER or Blackx-runner with any of questions related to being a vendor. You can also find some information on this page.
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